[Ep#286] How to franchise your business

How to franchise your business

Have you ever wondered what would need to be in place to franchise your business? Well, even if that thought had not crossed your mind, make sure you grab and pen and paper, because today’s guest is going to share incredible words of insight from her own journey of growing her business and expanding it even further through the power of franchising.

Joining me today is Kika Wise.

Kika has a dance background and has developed her own method of assisted stretching. 

She started her business in 2011 and now has over 13 locations.  Now she’s sharing her expertise as she teaches other entrepreneurs how to franchise their business.

On today’s show Kika is going to share:

  1. The steps you need to take to franchise your businesses
  2. Some inspiration;
  3. Sprinkled with golden nuggets of learnings through her own success story


Watch now: 

About Guest:

I have a dance background and have developed my own method of assisted stretching. I started in 2011 and have over 13 locations. I also teach other entrepreneurs how to franchise their businesses.


Contact Guest: 

Website: www.kikastretchstudios.com

Linked In: @kikaWise

Instagram: @kikaiam

Twitter: @kikaWise


Download the workbook and jot down relevant notes as you listen to/watch the show

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