[Ep#284] Getting Quality Leads through Leveraging LinkedIn with Paul Higgins

Getting Quality Leads through Leveraging

LinkedIn with Paul Higgins

The world is experiencing shifts in the workplace due to technological advancements and the global pandemic. As we become increasingly connected through networking platforms and project management software, we encounter new dilemmas and challenges in navigating these tools. Thus, we must understand that by leveraging LinkedIn  and other task management tools, we can capitalise on more opportunities to grow our businesses.

In today’s episode, Paul Higgins shares his secrets on attracting high-quality leads by leveraging LinkedIn. He discusses how to transition your business model into something that is sustainable and fits your lifestyle. Paul also provides insights into why you should outsource and how to manage your team efficiently, even if they are working remotely.

If you want to get quality leads by leveraging LinkedIn and learn to use tools to build your business, then this episode is for you.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover insights on how to develop rapidly scalable business models that actually fit your lifestyle.
  2. Learn how to leverage LinkedIn by adjusting your profile, establishing good connections and posting to generate high-quality leads.
  3. Understand the mechanisms of running an effective remote team.


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Episode Highlights

[02:59] The Highway of Business

  • Throughout Paul’s career, he has realised that you have to avoid always hustling as it will cost you your health.
  • Learn from the ones before you, especially through podcasts and mentorship.

[03:45] Insights on Business Models

  • People often have a business model that doesn’t fit their lifestyle.
  • Many service-based businesses are commission-based, which could cripple your finances when crises unexpectedly occur.
  • Most people are caught up in the ‘swap time for money’ business model.
  • Subscription-based programs that generate recurring revenue.
  • However, the most important thing to consider is if it will benefit enough people to make it a great livelihood.

[10:54] Overcoming Analysis-Paralysis and Building a Membership Program

  • It’s best to start immediately, even if you only have a small goal. Be intentional with your message.
  • Be clear on your target market and set your niche apart.
  • You also want people to know if your offer is for them just by seeing your website.
  • Stop the need to invite the world to it immediately.
  • Don’t overload content upfront. After all, less is more.

[15:01] Leveraging LinkedIn: Create a Killer Profile Page

  • Your header is your billboard. Make sure that it lets people know what you do.
  • Showing your methodology is another good way of leveraging LinkedIn.
  • Have a profile shot that stands out but is still professional.
  • Avoid conforming to a box when it comes to your headline and answering ‘what do you do?’
  • Don’t sell straight away. Welcoming them into a conversation is the key to leveraging LinkedIn.

[18:07] Leveraging LinkedIn: Regular Posts

  • Don’t miss the opportunity to post. People recognise if you are adding value or not.
  • When it comes to posting, make sure that it has an intriguing headline.
  • Tell a story to keep your audience engaged, and always ask a question.
  • A comment means they are a potential ideal client, and you can follow up on them.
  • Make sure to also include about three to nine hashtags at the end.

[22:13] Leveraging LinkedIn: Making Connections

  • When they engage with your post, include the link when you reach out to them. Introduce yourself and then ask for permission.
  • Include a short personal video if it’s someone you really want to connect with.
  • Avoid making the reason behind your connection a mystery.
  • Approach someone on LinkedIn as you would in a bar.
  • Listen to the full episode to learn how you can utilise videos when making connections!

[27:21] Managing Remote Teams

  • If you’re using a task management software, make sure to list down the exact instructions diligently.
  • Avoid micromanaging.
  • You have various options, but your best bet is an agency.
  • An agency will be more expensive, but they usually cater to your needs better.

[30:30] Outsourcing and Important Tools to Use

  • Look at your team and estimate the amount of work that shouldn’t be done by them anymore.
  • The best people are also the busiest ones. Focus on providing them with outsourced help.
  • Have a sales CRM for leads, as well as a project management tool.
  • Embed the checklists and SOPs to empower your employees.
  • It’s always easier to sell a business that is well-documented and systematised.

[36:33] How to Start

  • Start with the tools you are most familiar and comfortable with.
  • Likewise, don’t compare yourself to established businesses with sophisticated systems.
  • Don’t wait for your system to get better. Instead, build on it as you hire and outsource.

[41:56] Personal Branding

  • The adage, ‘don’t build a house on someone else’s land’, also applies in the online space.
  • It’s also beneficial to separate your personal website from your business website.

10 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

[03:54] ‘I think, “business model” is effectively the way that you make money. Okay, so if the simplest definition is that, and I find a lot of people choose a business model which doesn't align to their lifestyle’.

[09:45] ‘Ask if this is a need that they've got, because so often we put the cart before the horse, so we think, okay, “I want to get a membership and I want to get recurring revenue because it suits me”. It's a great business model, but the most important thing is, is it going to benefit the people that will continue to make that a great livelihood for you? And I think that's the number one thing people do, is they put the cart before the horse’.

[12:57] ‘I think the first thing, if you're going to set up a membership, is make sure it's very, very clear. So someone comes to your LinkedIn profile, they can be a website, they know whether it's for them or not, right? Because remember, you only want maybe 100, maybe even 1000 people, paying 299 a month is a very good business. So you don't need to invite the world to it’.

[16:54] ‘Think of this as the first conversation you're going to have with someone. So actually, don't sell straight to them straight away. Welcome them, and talk about who they might be. So who do you love working with? What are some of the things they're challenging with and how you can help them’?

[23:02] ‘“Would you be open to connecting?” That's it. I keep it as simple as that for connection requests if there is no way that I've found them. I think the key thing is the word, “open”. Permission is something that people skip. You asked me before what people don't do well — they don't ask for permission’.

[24:12] ‘You wouldn't walk up to someone in a bar and be inappropriate straight off the bat. So don't do the same thing on LinkedIn’.

[30:50] ‘Roughly 50% of their work shouldn't be done by them. So a great way to even get a VA into your business is to look at the most… Normally, your best people are the busiest, right? You know those people and you know that they're overloaded, right? And how long can you extend the string before it pops’?

[34:08] ‘What I did learn is, the closer the process is to where someone's making the decision or doing the work, the better’.

[37:12] ‘Don't compare me to now. Compare me to when I was where you are. If you're not great at processes at the moment, you don't have any, that's okay. As the Chinese say, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is today.” Just start today, and you don't have to have it perfect. Tomorrow, every day, you build on it’.

[39:14] ‘Get someone in to help with that. Don't wait. Now if you're watching now, go and get a VA before you need one. If you don't have one, believe me, it will change your life’.

About Paul

Paul Higgins is a high-performance mentor and experienced entrepreneur who is passionate about helping service-based businesses scale fast and build a steady stream of quality leads. He is also a former sales and marketing director at the Coca-Cola company and has founded three businesses with a successful exit just last 2019.

Paul is the author of the book, Build Live Give: Growth Drivers to Build your Lifestyle Business and podcast host of the Build Live Give Podcast. He is also an advocate for organ donation, having received the life-changing experience himself.

Interested in Paul’s work? You can visit his website for more information and coaching. Listen to his podcast through his website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher.

You may also reach Paul on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

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