[Ep#282] Using Intuition to Make the Right Business Decisions with Sunil Godse

Using Intuition to Make the Right Business Decisions with Sunil Godse

Intuition is often overlooked in business, where the standard indicator for good decisions is numbers and profits. But have you ever made business decisions  that just ‘felt right’? On the other hand, there are situations that make you think twice and hesitate. There’s no specific explanation or logic; instead, it’s a gut feeling that compels you to make these choices.

In this episode, Sunil Godse joins us to talk about how and why we should let intuition guide our business decisions. He explains the complexity of intuition and how we can use different types for different situations. Only when we understand our intuition can we have a higher sense of purpose with our business and career.

If you want to learn how intuition can guide your business decisions, stay tuned to this episode.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Why is listening to our intuition important?
  2. What are the different types of intuition, and how do we use them to make the right business decisions?
  3. Understand the importance of purpose for a business.

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Episode Highlights

[02:00] Why People Ignore Intuition

  • As an entrepreneur, Sunil shares that he ignored his intuition and invested in a contract that lost him every single penny.
  • Research on intuition is often around its spiritual and cosmic nature.
  • When Sunil dove deeper into the research, he found that thousands of studies were conducted on intuition.
  • Intuition acted as early as 7 seconds on average before an entrepreneur makes business decisions.

[06:25] Listening to Inner Signals

  • Intuition is subconscious programming that develops over time.
  • It is present in our lives through internal signals we commonly think of as gut feeling or inner voices.
  • We need to spend time learning about our signals. If we don’t, we will keep ignoring them and make bad business decisions.

[08:04] Types of Intuition

  • The four types of intuition are experiential, situational, creative, and relational.
  • Often, our decisions are informed by past learning experiences.
  • Many business decisions feel ‘just right’ even if we don’t have an objective reason for it.
  • When we make bad business decisions, it’s because we didn’t listen to our intuition correctly.
  • Listen to the full episode to hear more about the different kinds of intuition!

[16:93] 7-Step Process

  • Identify your problem and become aware of your intuition on a percentage basis.
  • It’s important to note that one type of intuition may dominate over others for you.
  • When thinking about the different steps to solve your problem, you need to be in an intuitive medium.
  • The intuitive medium is a moment when we cut out all noise and can focus on thinking.
  • Listen to the full episode to get an overview and learn the benefits of Sunil’s 7-step process!

[23:00] Develop Awareness and Intuition

  • Some decisions require different types of intuition.
  • Developing your awareness and intuition is a constant work in progress.
  • Its benefit is twofold, both in personal and business decisions.
  • The more you hone your intuition, the more you will filter the people around you.
  • Sunil shares how he improves his intuition, particularly relation intuition.

[30:22] Making the Right Business Decisions

  • Everyone’s intentions and opinions often bombard us.
  • When you run a business based on intuition, you will attract people who will suit your business and repel those who don’t.
  • Making the right business decisions does not simply happen by being aware of intuition but acting on it.
  • Businesses need to be guided by a strong purpose not only as an owner but also for your employees.
  • Listen to the full episode as Sunil shares how his daughter built a non-profit at 12 with the guidance of her intuition!

10 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

[05:37] ‘Research has shown that infants as young as two months have shown to have intuitive capabilities. From a business perspective, they actually measured the intuition of entrepreneurs, they measured things like skin conductance and heart rate. And they found that intuition acted seven seconds on average, before an entrepreneur made a business decision’.

[06:36] ‘This is where we really have to think about how we are as individuals. Because intuition is a phenomenon, it's a subconscious program that you're born with. It's about your experiences, and it's about your signals’.

[11:15] ‘When you're actually making a decision, it's actually already informed by your past learning experience, both formal and informal, both good and bad, both yours and others. And so in a split second, it's already informed when it comes to a decision from the past’.

[15:43] ‘What people don't realize is that the cost of making a bad decision is actually two times the cost, which is something I call opportunity costs. It's not just the cost of making a bad decision, it's also the cost of not making the right decision’.

[19:11] ‘Whatever it is for you, figure out where you go to cut out the noise, and just think about the problem. And then once you identify what those intuitive mediums are, you put yourself in that intuitive medium, and you think about “how am I going to solve this”’?

[24:05] ‘The other thing is [that] being 100% on all of them [ the different kinds of intuition] is not necessarily what's meant to be for everyone. So from a professional perspective, maybe someone who is an accountant, loves accounting; and so for them, creative decisions aren't something high on their list’.

[25:08] ‘What happens is, over time, you become so good at it, that you just flow. And you actually reduce the number of people in your life because you filter – it's a great filtering mechanism, to only keep people around you who are great for your business, the ones you hire, or mentor. And in your personal life, those are going to support you in what you're doing’.

[32:22] ‘If I'm making a decision [based on] intuition, I really don't care what you think. Because if this is what I think is great for me, where I want to go; you can have whatever reaction you want, it's my path, my intuition, my decisions, I know I'm making it for me’.

[35:47] ‘When you run a business intuitively like that, you attract people for the purpose that you have, and you'll self-select everybody else out’.

[39:36] ‘Profits and all those things are laggard indicators; what you're not doing is fixing the leading indicator. There's a reason why 91% of businesses fail in the first two years and 99% don't even make it past year five’.

About Sunil

Sunil Godse is a storyteller, educator, teacher and coach for over 15 years. He is passionate about increasing business productivity and building trusted professional relationships through intuitive resonance.

After successfully using intuitive resonance to grow several entrepreneurial ventures to over $20 million, he began to teach and coach other companies on using it to bring their business to a whole new level.

Sunil believes that businesses keep treating employees as transactional relationships that focus more on profits and short term results. Corporate culture often leaves employees disengaged and unmotivated in the workplace, negatively affecting the overall productivity with downstream effects being higher turnover.

Sunil has written two books on intuition and accelerating business success entitled ‘Gut’ and ‘Fail Fast. Succeed Faster.’ Check out his books here!

Interested in Sunil’s work? You can learn more on his website and through the Intuitionology Podcast. Listen to his podcast through Apple Podcasts , Spotify, and Stitcher. You can also reach Sunil on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

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