[Ep#225] The Power of Small Wins, Embracing the Grind, and Anchoring Your Success

The Power of Small Wins, Embracing the Grind, and Anchoring Your Success

As we stride forward in our leadership journeys, the significance of each step, no matter how small, can't be overstressed. Today's episode provides a treasure trove of insights that are perfect for anyone looking to bolster their resilience and reignite their purpose in both life and business.

Allyssa shares her transformative path from facilitating community groups to launching the Hub app, a safe platform prioritizing privacy and empowerment. From managing the complexities of family life to navigating the roller coaster of startup culture, she and her husband Jono exemplified the power of perseverance, faith, and embracing small wins.

Join us to explore how Allyssa's journey can ignite your own leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. Don’t forget to check out the Hub app – redefining community interaction online.

Keep pushing forward, one small win at a time!

On today’s show, Allyssa is going to share:  

  • How Allyssa's quest for creating a safe space for sharing and connecting led to the development of the Hub app
  • Discover the challenges and triumphs of running a startup
  • Understand the delicate balance of managing family and business responsibilities.




Jump straight to these golden nuggets:

05:20 Discussing motivation behind venture into technology industry

09:18 Meeting husband pivotal, faith enabling exploration, adventures

13:59 Feeling guided by faith to provide safe space

17:20 Overcoming adversity and seizing new opportunities

18:37 Startup journey is a roller coaster ride

21:40 Financial struggles led to unexpected blessings

26:25 Embracing growth amidst hardships with optimistic acceptance

30:14 Career break for family, living with relatives

34:29 Startup driven by family, communication, and teamwork


TOPIC: Guest Introduction: Allyssa Kallo

  • Background as a full-time mum transitioning into a tech startup founder.
  • The motivation behind moving from being tech-averse to creating technology for well-being and empowerment.

TOPIC: Development and Purpose of the Hub App

  • The app aims to provide a safe platform for content sharing without compromising privacy or security.
  • Originated from concerns over privacy and well-being related to sharing children's photos on social media.
  • Designed to serve as a protected space for vulnerable people and their content.

TOPIC: Journey of the Startup: Challenges and Development

  • Conception of the idea 7 years prior and the subsequent setbacks faced.
  • Struggles with funding, technology updates, and initiating the launch between 2021 and 2022.
  • Importance of perseverance and faith during difficult moments in the startup lifecycle.

TOPIC: Role of Personal Experiences and Beliefs

  • Allyssa credits her husband, Jono, and faith in God as the key enablers in her risk-taking and exploratory journey.
  • Experiences as a teacher and “Jack of all trades” contributing to her role in the startup.

TOPIC: Managing Work-Life Balance and Family Involvement

  • Discussing the necessity of balancing career demands with family responsibilities.
  • Importance of involving children in family discussions and decision-making processes.

TOPIC: Coping with Setbacks and Keeping Faith

  • Methods to handle challenges such as staying purpose-driven and persevering through uncertainties.
  • Allyssa's strategy on embracing both joyous and mundane aspects of life experiences.
  • Annemarie Cross shares her Christian perspective on viewing challenges as opportunities for character and wisdom growth.

TOPIC: The Role of Community and User Empowerment via the Hub App

  • The app is emphasized as community-focused, aiming to foster user well-being and empowerment.
  • Discussion on encouraging organizations to consider the Hub app as a governance tool alternative to traditional social media platforms.


Navigating Tech Evolution: “I remember swearing when smartphones came out. I would never get a smartphone because I had this just this gut feeling that it was gonna change the framework of our society.”

— Allyssa Callow 00:03:0300:03:11

Entrepreneurial Shifts: “I think for me, realizing that change is often slow and that that's okay. And there's little lessons that we learn throughout our life that form us into who we are.”

— Allyssa Callow 00:05:0300:05:14

Reflections on Social Media and Privacy: “But the question was raised, whilst we might be allowed, should we actually be doing this? As an organisation, is this best practice? Are we doing our due diligence here?”

— Allyssa Callow 00:08:0500:08:16

Embracing Change Through Relationships: “meeting Jono, meeting my husband, was very, very pivotal, in that space for me.”

— Allyssa Callow 00:09:3100:09:37

Faith-Driven Entrepreneurship: “For Jono and I, we feel a real sense that this is where we're meant to be right now. We're meant to be running the hub and providing an alternate space for, not for profits for churches, for organizations to be able to have a safe space, a safe space to run their groups, create their content and share that. And there's a real sense of purpose there and we feel very deeply that God is behind that.”

— Allyssa Callow 00:13:5900:14:28

Startup Resilience: “it's normal and it's okay. And the beauty that will come out of it is that you will grow.”

— Allyssa Callow 00:18:5500:19:03

Overcoming Challenges: “It's a learnt tolerance to stress and that's been building.”

— Allyssa Callow 00:21:1400:21:18

Embracing Life's Ups and Downs: “There's gonna be really exciting things, but there's also going to be boring times.”

— Allyssa Callow 00:27:1900:27:23

Family Planning and Career Breaks: “And so we made sacrifices, when we had young kids. We had our kids all very close together and so I essentially did have quite a career break, when we began our family.”

— Allyssa Callow 00:30:1400:30:24

Parenting in Open Communication: “Communication's hugely important and, we actually have chosen to be quite open with our kids, on our journey as well. So that's been something again that you need to kind of navigate and juggle a little bit about how much, you allow them to know mindful that they're little and they don't need to carry the burdens that we carry. But, when we're going through, you know, difficult times or making plans for the future, we invite them along.”

— Allyssa Callow 00:33:3500:34:05

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