[Ep#223] Finding Your Perfect Fit: Why Working with the Right People Matters

Finding Your Perfect Fit: Why Working with the Right People Matters

Have you ever felt like a total rockstar in your technical field, but leadership roles seem like a whole different game? You're not alone! This week on the Women in Leadership Podcast, we get it – navigating the path from expert to leader can be tricky. But guess what? We're here to help! In today's show, we are joined by Loretta Tarazeta.

Loretta's wisdom on personal branding, self-motivation, and mastering communication shines a light on breaking through in corporate settings and authentically connecting with your audience.

As many professionals, particularly in technical fields, struggle to transition into leadership roles, we unravel the importance of controlling your narrative, the power of practice, and embracing change with guidance and support.

So, tune in as we guide you through the journey of self-determination, mastering the art of communication, and stepping up as the leader you are meant to be. This is the Women in Leadership Podcast – let’s make an impact together.

Here are three essential takeaways for any current or aspiring leader:

  • Authenticity in Communication: Loretta emphasizes the significance of finding your unique voice. It's not just about what you say, but how you say it that resonates with an audience.
  • Self-Determination in Career Progression: Take control of your career trajectory. Loretta's personal journey underscores the importance of not waiting for others to recognize your value. Build your personal brand, step into your power, and position yourself for the recognition you deserve.
  • Mastering Virtual Engagement: The pivot to virtual platforms has revealed new challenges in how we connect and communicate effectively. Loretta shares insight into overcoming these barriers, ensuring your message is clear and impactful, no matter the medium.


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Jump straight to these golden nuggets:

03:58 Questioning corporate barriers, humanizing company interactions.

07:31 Company reputation depends on behavior and skills.

11:47 Message clarity and delivery are essential.

14:41 Learning from failure in television career shift.

18:37 Building loyalty and motivation in organizations is challenging.

21:07 Seeking advice on dealing with team dynamics.

25:44 Focused on client's intentions, guiding industry success.

29:39 Overcoming fear of speaking in front of the camera.

33:08 Prepare concise talking points for media exposure.

36:33 Assisting companies and leaders through growth and change.

38:07 Loretta.today website for executive and brand presence.


Topic: The Vital Role of Right Connections in Career Decisions

  • Loretta talks about the importance of comfort and financial considerations in career choices
  • Understanding client intentions in executive or company partnerships
  • Loretta's commitment to client intentions and advocating for what she believes is right

Topic: Enhancing Executive Presence and Communication

  • The “rail relating lens” process to overcome industry challenges
  • Adapting to virtual engagement and the necessity for comfort in front of the camera
  • Human psychology and the fear of public speaking impacting executive communication skills
  • Technical professionals and their transition into leadership roles through effective articulation

Topic: The Importance of Authenticity and Clarity in Messaging

  • Overcoming the struggle to find one's unique voice
  • The impact of trying to emulate others and failing to connect with the audience
  • The role of clear message delivery in making an impactful presentation

Topic: Navigating Corporate Challenges and Personal Branding

  • Strategies to handle naysayers and career growth limitations within organizations
  • The importance of building a personal brand and visibility for recognition and value
  • The control individuals have over their own career paths, irrespective of team dynamics

Topic: Self-Determination and Career Ownership

  • Loretta shares her journey of taking charge of her career
  • Discussing the anxiety around media interviews and the tips for effective communication
  • The significance of practice in improving presentation skills

Topic: Transitioning into New Roles and Seeking Support

  • Challenges and advantages of embracing new career opportunities
  • Conclusion on the potential for individuals to rise as industry leaders


Humanizing Corporate Culture: “You know, it's kind of a long a little bit of a long story why I'm so passionate about humanizing, you know, executives and the companies at large.”

— Loretta Tarozaite 00:02:5800:03:07

The Disconnection in Corporate Customer Service: “But it I kept wondering it's why there are no real people answering these corporate numbers. You know? I come from a country where you could actually reach a person and talk to a person and get the answers that you need.”

— Loretta Tarozaite 00:03:5800:04:09

Personal Branding and Reputation: “It's even though I founded it, it's the company that's behind me, right, that that that's, whose reputation matters based on what I say, how I behave, and what I do.”

— Loretta Tarozaite 00:07:3200:07:43

Maintaining Employee Loyalty in the Face of Corporate Challenges: “If your only way to advance in your career is to leave the company, well, how do you then maintain that loyalty inside the organization?”

— Loretta Tarozaite 00:18:4400:18:50

Business Strategy Process: “I have a 6-step process, you know, and I call it rail relating lens because it's rail, relatability, and lens is the camera.”— Loretta Tarozaite 00:27:3500:27:40

Overcoming On-Camera Anxiety: “You sit them in front of the camera. They start sweating, and that's, you know, when it's a live broadcast, I start panicking. I'm like, well, is he going to be able to answer the question now?”

— Loretta Tarozaite 00:28:5800:29:02

Virtual Engagement Challenges: “I somehow thought that when all the business moved to virtual engagement, you know, in this, year that we all know what that year was, that people will be more self-aware, but I'm observing that they're still not self-aware. That they still don't know how to really, connect through the lens, how to set it all up so that it's really, not distracting, but also engaging at the same time, and communicate like that.”

— Loretta Tarozaite 00:31:3100:31:53

Effective Communication at Trade Shows: “Anybody with a camera who's sticking a microphone in front of you is media. You know? So you always have to have some talking points.”

— Loretta Tarozaite 00:33:3600:33:44

Effective Communication for Career Advancement: “It's easier to start talking about things that you really know what you're talking about. Right? And start expressing and start, you know, posting or, look for opportunities, you know, in interviews to talk about things that you really know while you're growing into the role of the leadership.”

— Loretta Tarozaite 00:36:1000:36:25

Embracing Organizational Change: “I like people when people and companies that are going through change because they're going from something that they don't like anymore, or they've outgrown into something that they want to become.”

— Loretta Tarozaite 00:36:4500:36:55

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