[Ep#222] Unleashing the Power of Brand Archetypes to Create a Unique, Uncopyable and Unforgettable Brand

Unleashing the Power of Brand Archetypes to Create a Unique, Uncopyable and Unforgettable Brand

I'm excited to share the transformative power of brand archetypes with you, and how embracing your unique blend can set your brand apart and create an unforgettable experience for your ideal clients!

In this latest episode of the Ambitious Entrepreneur Show, I deep dive into the concept of brand archetypes and how understanding them can help you to differentiate your brand and create a unique, uncopyable, and unforgettable brand experience.

The real magic happens when you identify your unique blend of brand archetypes and infuse them into every aspect of your brand. It's how you can create a truly unforgettable experience that sets you apart from your competition.

And here's the good news: If you're excited to discover your own blend of archetypes and learn how to leverage them to define your brand and create an unforgettable experience for your audience, I've got a special opportunity for you.

In April, I'll be hosting a round table intensive where you'll have the chance to identify your brand archetypes, learn how to leverage this information to define your unique brand, and even explore creating a signature program that practically enrolls clients for you.

If you're ready to unleash the power of your brand archetypes and create a brand experience that's truly unique, uncopyable, and unforgettable, this round table intensive is for you.

Here are 3 Key Takeaways from this episode: 

🔑 Understanding Brand Archetypes: Discover how brand archetypes, universal symbols and themes ingrained in human consciousness for centuries, can be leveraged to create a powerful emotional bond with your audience.

🔑 Unleashing Your Unique Blend: Learn how to identify your leading, influencing, and balancing archetypes to define and create a unique, uncopyable, and unforgettable brand experience that resonates with and stands out to your ideal clients.

🔑 Positioning Yourself as the Choice: Find out how embracing your unique blend of archetypes can help you to position yourself as the choice versus just a choice in your industry, creating an experience that only you can offer.



Jump straight to these golden nuggets:

04:03 Leading archetype connected to purpose and calling.

09:03 Sharing personal archetype experiences, helping others find purpose.

12:25 Influence in leadership, helping others, making impact.

16:54 Leveraging unique brand archetypes to stand out.

20:03 Direct, forceful vs. softer, nurturing approach explained.

23:55 Discover brand archetypes, create unforgettable client experiences.

25:05 Create a unique program and unforgettable experience.


Topic: Introduction to Brand Archetypes

  • Explanation of the significance of brand archetypes in creating a unique, uncopyable, and unforgettable brand
  • The role of differentiating and standing out in a competitive business landscape

Topic: Understanding Brand Archetypes

  • Definition of brand archetypes
  • Description of brand archetypes as universal symbols and themes ingrained in human consciousness
  • Using brand archetypes to associate and resonate with a brand

Topic: The Role of Brand Archetypes in Personal Branding

  • Utilizing a system of 12 brand archetypes
  • Identifying the leading, influencing, and balancing archetypes
  • Defining and creating a unique blend of archetypes for a brand identity and message

Topic: Exploring Different Types of Brand Archetypes

  • Discussion of leading archetypes in connection to purpose and calling
  • Explanation of how influencing archetypes shape and present the leading archetype
  • Understanding the role of balancing archetypes in mitigating overplayed strengths

Topic: Utilizing Brand Archetypes in Personal Examples

  • Personal example of using the explorer archetype in career industry and helping entrepreneurs
  • Discussion of the shadow side or challenges of the explorer archetype
  • Influence of the ruler archetype in presenting the explorer archetype
  • Balancing archetypes of nurturer and maverick in achieving a complementary blend

Topic: Creating a Unique and Uncopyable Brand Experience

  • Selecting distinctive words and characteristics of brand archetypes
  • Infusing brand archetype characteristics into brand messaging, visuals, and customer interactions
  • Creating a cohesive and memorable brand identity

Topic: Positioning Yourself as the Choice

  • Differentiating brand experiences and presenting information uniquely
  • The unique influence and impact of personal style, mannerisms, and character on audience
  • Building a transformative experience for both clients and the brand

Topic: Invitation to Explore Brand Archetypes

  • Announcement of a round table intensive for identifying brand archetypes
  • Details about how the round table will help in defining a unique brand experience
  • Explanation of how the round table will aid in creating a signature program

Topic: Conclusion and Call to Action

  • Encouragement for individuals to explore their unique blend of brand archetypes
  • Invitation to the round table intensive and the website link for more information
  • Closing remarks and anticipation of meeting participants at the round table


Unleashing Brand Archetypes: “Now you may have heard me share previously in an episode, if you've been listening for a while, that many years ago I was involved in the career industry as a personal branding strategist, and then transitioned into working with entrepreneurs, so coaches, consultants, and businesses with their personal branding, their positioning, so that they could really stand out in the marketplace.”

— Annemarie Cross 00:00:1700:00:37

Creating an Uncopyable Brand Experience: “a brand archetype is a universal symbol or are universal symbols and themes, and they have been ingrained in human consciousness for centuries. We use them often in storytelling because they represent fundamental human motivations, desires, and characteristics that people instinctively relate to and can understand.”

— Annemarie Cross 00:02:3600:02:59

The Strengths and Balances of Archetypes: “And so what happens is the balancing archetype will often be able to bring in complementary complementary and supportive characteristics that balance out the top 2 archetypes, the leading and the influencing.”

— Annemarie Cross 00:07:1200:07:26

Design Decision Paralysis: “I don't know what color curtains that I want or what pattern, but I'm gonna have a look around because as soon as I see it, I'll know that that's exactly that one.”

— Annemarie Cross 00:08:0200:08:10

Exploring Personal Archetypes: “My archetypes, my leading archetype is explorer. Now remember when I said earlier that when I found out what that was and, you know, I loved helping people in their careers and finding out that, you know, what job would best suit my skills, my experience, my motivations, a job that I loved.”— Annemarie Cross 00:09:1300:09:32

The Essence of Brand Archetypes: “You can let your archetypes and the character of your archetypes, the essence of your archetypes shine through every single aspect of your brand to create that truly unforgettable experience for your audience.”

— Annemarie Cross 00:18:4900:19:01

The Influencing Archetype of Leadership: “I would be far more in your face. I would be far more direct. I would be there would be just a completely different experience that I would be showing up as because my influencing archetype, which influences how you show up, is a very different archetype.”

— Annemarie Cross 00:20:0900:20:23

Personal Branding and Archetypes: “Someone resonates with you because of your style, your mannerisms, your character, how you show up, and how you make them feel.”— Annemarie Cross 00:23:0400:23:14

Unveiling Brand Identities: “What I often find people do is when they understand what their archetypes are, it's like, oh, now I can define who I am. Now I have clarity around who I am, my strengths, my gifts, and the experience that I wanna create through the lens of the archetype.”

— Annemarie Cross 00:24:0500:24:23

Creating Unforgettable Client Experiences: “I wanna find out what my unique blend of archetypes are so that I can just layer that and blend that into the message and brand and what I'm doing to really create that unforgettable experience that only you can create because of your unique blend of, brand archetypes.”

— Annemarie Cross 00:26:0800:26:27


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