[Ep#219] Thriving in STEM: Lessons of Resilience, Growth, and Empowerment

Thriving in STEM: Lessons of Resilience, Growth, and Empowerment

In this powerful podcast interview, I had the incredible opportunity to speak with Tiffani Teachey, a senior mechanical engineer, STEM advocate, TEDx international speaker, and author.

Together, we delved into Tiffani's journey into STEM, discussing the impact of her resilience, authenticity, and passion for empowering underrepresented minorities to pursue careers in engineering. We explored the need for diversity and authenticity in male-dominated industries, and the invaluable lessons of resilience and growth.

The episode showcases the value of diversity and authenticity, and how women in leadership can inspire and empower the next generation.

Join us as we delve into Tiffani's impactful work and her mission to inspire and empower young girls and women to pursue their dreams in STEM.

On today’s show, Tiffani is going to share:  

  • The importance of resilience 
  • The power of a growth mindset 
  • The transformative impact of empowering others 




Jump straight to these golden nuggets:

03:15 Attended math and science academy, became engineer.

06:41 Changing approach can influence others' responses.

11:36 Humor can break the tension in relationships.

14:50 Honesty, integrity, and authenticity in work.

20:10 Importance of change and resilience in growth.

22:01 Adapting and applying industry mindset in personal life.

24:32 Adapting and staying hopeful in challenging times.

27:32 Chisholm quote inspires passion to empower others.

31:37 Multilingual STEM book series inspires diverse careers.


Topic: Applying Engineering Principles to Life

  • Tiffani applies engineering design process to personal life and mindset
  • Emphasizes the importance of adapting and improving in life, similar to engineering
  • Discussion on the importance of not being stagnant and being open to change
  • Annemarie emphasizes the evolving nature of trust and the increasing demand for authenticity and relevance

Topic: Resilience and Growth Mindset

  • Tiffani shares insights on resilience, drawing from personal experiences
  • Annemarie discusses the need to change mindset and attitudes to overcome obstacles and learn from experiences
  • Tiffani highlights the importance of continuous learning, openness to feedback, and a growth mindset in building resilience and personal development

Topic: Empowerment in STEM and Diversity

  • Tiffani's passion for empowering young girls and women to pursue STEM careers
  • Emphasis on sharing stories and experiences to inspire others
  • Discussion on the benefits of diversity in male-dominated industries and the value of women's perspectives

Topic: Diversity and Authenticity in Professional Environments

  • Tiffani shares her experiences as a female engineer and the need to assert her expertise in such environments
  • Annemarie shares a personal anecdote about defusing a potentially awkward situation with humor
  • Emphasis on the importance of teamwork and being genuine and authentic in professional roles

Topic: Representation and Inspiration Through Children's Literature

  • Tiffani's realization of the lack of representation for engineers who look like her and her decision to write a children's book to inspire kids to pursue STEM careers
  • Tiffani's work as a publishing consultant to empower more children's book authors
  • The importance of empowering and inspiring children through literature and career possibilities


Becoming an Engineer: “We learned the value of, you know, problem solving, different things in that manner as far as how engineering could play a role with it.”

— Tiffani Teachey [00:03:20 → 00:03:27]

Empowering Girls in STEM Fields: “But if we can start early and let these girls see that they're just as smart and that plays a role with trying to encourage them.”

— Tiffani Teachey [00:05:51 → 00:05:55]

Inspiring Curiosity in Education: “Having those curiosity early on, like, you have those kids just asking questions, but then you have those that might not be asking as much questions.”

— Tiffani Teachey [00:08:18 → 00:08:25]

Hands-On Activities for Kids: “Doing the different hands-on activities is a great way for them to see themselves doing it and seeing how it can play a role with everyday materials using that.”

— Tiffani Teachey [00:09:06 → 00:09:14]

Teamwork and Collaboration: “And just the big pieces, how can we work as a team? That whole teamwork and working together is key. And I think that's the biggest piece we have to learn when we're trying to get stuff done.”

— Tiffani Teachey [00:12:56 → 00:13:06]

The Importance of Authenticity in the Workplace: “Be authentic, be genuine, and be honest, I think that's the biggest piece when you're working with others and it helps build relationships as well as positive relationships.”

— Tiffani Teachey [00:15:37 → 00:15:42]

Authenticity and Integrity in Work: “You gotta be authentic. You gotta be genuine about the work that you do because the true colors come out.”

— Tiffani Teachey [00:17:19 → 00:17:23]

Raising Awareness for STEM Careers: “And so the sky's the limit on just the impact, but it was that pivotal moment where I said these kids have never met anyone that looks like is an engineer.”

— Tiffani Teachey [00:31:44 → 00:31:52]


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