[Ep#214] Leadership Fundamentals for Success

Leadership Fundamentals for Success 

My guest today says, “In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, starting small doesn't mean thinking small.  Forge a path towards success by infusing your startup with the wisdom of experienced business practices, from strategic planning to accountability, cultivating a culture that thrives through every season of growth.” 

Joining me on today’s show is Laure Fisher, CallTrackingMetrics' COO and co-founder,  

Laure is a seasoned leader in technology, marketing, and consulting.  Her expertise includes driving revenue growth, managing projects, processes, and personnel. Before her role at CallTrackingMetrics, she co-founded Captico LLC, offering online software solutions.  

In this episode, Laure candidly shares their personal experience of initially underestimating the significance of clarifying goals and defining paths among friends. However, this mindset shifted when they realized the immense value it brought to their organization, attracting the right people, even those from larger companies. She also touches on the significance of consistency, performance reviews, gender biases, and the importance of aligning organizations during challenging times.

We highly recommend listening to this podcast episode to gain invaluable insights into leadership fundamentals for success. 


On today’s show, Laure is going to share:  

  1. Confidence is key to leadership, and it's important to be confident in both your strengths and areas where you might lack expertise. 
  2. Effective leadership involves thinking beyond the immediate and considering the bigger picture. 
  3. Leaders succeed by achieving results and excelling in their field, not by focusing on gender or identity-related challenges. 




Jump straight to these golden nuggets:

[00:02:39] Consultant helps fix issues in large organizations.

[00:04:48] Importance of core values in business growth. Confidence is key to leadership.

[00:08:08] Building confidence through wins and diverse interactions.

[00:13:14] Importance of consistency and processes in business.

[00:15:02] Efficient systems with creative freedom for leaders.

[00:19:44] Gender biases in promotions and family obligations.

[00:23:37] Organization values, remote work boosts productivity.

[00:25:27] Structuring work week around in-person collaboration.

[00:28:26] Software provides integrated communication technology for businesses.


Topic:  Defining Your Path

  • Whether you're an individual or an organization, defining your path and communicating it clearly is crucial.
  • It helps attract the right people, even from larger companies.
  • Mind-blowing conversations may happen among friends, but to thrive in the business world, clarity is the key!

Topic: Cultivating Confidence

  • Leadership requires confidence in both areas of expertise and areas where expertise may be lacking.
  • Confidence can be cultivated and grown over time.
  • Engaging in activities outside of the business world, interacting with diverse groups of people, and challenging oneself help boost confidence and shape a well-rounded persona.

Topic: Streamlined Systems with Creativity

  • To optimize productivity and work-life balance, it's important to have streamlined systems in place that support and allow for creativity.
  • Balancing individual tasks and in-person collaboration is essential.
  • Flexibility, trust, and building an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued contribute to success. 

Topic: Understanding CallTrackingMetrics Software

  •  CallTrackingMetrics is conversation intelligence software that helps businesses analyze customer conversations across various channels.
  • The software looks at data around conversations to determine their origin, such as advertising campaigns, marketing campaigns, or web sources.
  • The software also analyzes the content of conversations to identify key aspects and determine if they lead to the desired outcome or conversion.
  • The software is particularly useful during COVID-19 as many companies are relying heavily on customer interactions.

Topic: Consistency and Process for Success

  • Consistency is important at all stages for different reasons. It is important to establish a process that works and replicate it instead of starting from scratch every time.
  • The process acts as an engine that allows people to continually grow and focus on higher-level tasks.
  • Developing people within the organization is crucial to prevent them from feeling bored.
  • It is important to find a balance between following a process and allowing for creativity and innovation.


“Confidence is key to leadership, and it's important to be confident in both your strengths and areas where you might lack expertise.”

— Laure Fisher 00:01:4700:01:56

The Importance of Core Values in Business Growth: “One of the answers that we often hear is, I really, aligned with their core values, their brand values. And in actual fact, you also hear people talking about, well, I would not invest in that company because they're not aligned with my core values. And I would imagine as the business grew, because you had that in place, you were able to grow a lot faster because you'd taken the time to think about some of those fundamentals that the business can just continue to grow and is often lacking in businesses, as you say, as they do grow, and then they go back and say, hey. We need to circle back and get some of these key things in So start with them 1st because that's really going to set the direction is what I'm hearing of the overall business as you continue to grow.”

— Laure Fisher 00:05:0500:05:48

The Importance of Thinking Beyond the Immediate: “I think, you know, we don't know everything about everything. However, there are people, especially when we start to grow our team, they can bring areas of expertise to the table that we may not necessarily have… sometimes it's about just knowing something, having a little bit of knowledge, an awareness of something will give us the confidence we need or at least to be able to take that next step.”

— Laure Fisher 00:09:3900:09:50

The Importance of Processes in Business Growth: “How important are processes to work alongside a business in any growth stage?”

— Laure Fisher 00:13:0800:13:13

Leadership and Diversity: “Leaders succeed by achieving results, excelling in their field, not by focusing on gender or identity related challenges.”

— Laure Fisher 00:15:5000:15:57

The Role of Mindsets and Biases in a Male Dominated Industry: “And to me, it's like how many conversations I've had, particularly women such as yourself who've come from the tech industry, technology, which is a very much, been in the past a male dominated industry, and so many of the women I never even saw myself as a woman, you know, in a male dominated industry. It was an industry that I loved, and I just fit in.”

— Laure Fisher 00:16:0400:16:28

Gender Bias in Promotions: “If I think back to some of my, friends and even family members, because they still even though they work full time, they still had carer roles for their children. So, taking on higher roles if they required more travel and more meetings out of hours and things like that, they would consider that and think, well, I'm not gonna because that's gonna eat into time, you know, away from my family.”

— Laure Fisher 00:20:2200:20:43

Organizations Embracing Remote Work: “I have seen a lot of companies now recognizing that there can be benefits to having teamwork from home part of the time, not necessarily being in the office from a certain set time to a set time, and still be just as productive.”

— Laure Fisher 00:24:0600:24:23

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