[Ep#210] Embracing Mindful and Purposeful Leadership

Embracing Mindful and Purposeful Leadership 

My guest today says, “ There is no magic secret, or undiscovered skill that the leader of the future needs. It is empathy first, always has been. “ 

Joining me on today’s show is Summer Davies.

Summer helps leaders develop the mindset and tactical skills they need to lead with impact, confidence, empowerment, and love what they do.   

She is passionately committed to enabling leaders to connect their personal purpose to the impact they make when leading others.   

On today’s show, Summer is going to share:  

  • Deep insight on why building skills in leaders matters so much- even in organizations who are too “busy” to do this well.    
  • What employee engagement is, and why it makes such a difference.   
  • Why being a mindful, purposeful leader is deeply critical and not just a nice to have any more.   






Topic: Get curious and step out of your ego

  • The first step for leaders is to cultivate curiosity and step out of their own ego.
  • This allows leaders to observe interactions, analyze what is happening, and gain valuable insights about their strengths and areas for improvement.

Topic: Aligning with your purpose

  • Leaders should not just be in positions for career advancement; they should have a clear purpose that aligns their job and interactions with what they truly want.
  • This alignment leads to positive change and a fulfilling life where one can make a difference and influence others.

Topic: The impact of leaders on employees and their families

  • Many leaders fail to consider the impact they have on their employees and their families.
  • Being empathetic towards team members and oneself is important. Leaders should align their behaviors and actions with the impact they want to create, both in the workplace and beyond.

Topic: Engaging employees

  • Building a committed and engaged workforce takes work, commitment, and investment.
  • Engaged employees have a deep sense of connection and commitment to their organizations, and this engagement can lead to increased productivity, innovative ideas, and cost-saving opportunities.

Topic: Empathy as a vital leadership skill

  • Our guest, Summer Davies, believes that empathy is the most important skill for future leaders.
  • It helps leaders establish meaningful connections, value their employees, and create a positive work environment.

Topic: The importance of leadership development

  • Organizations that prioritize leadership development are more likely to see increased engagement, innovation, and productivity over time.
  • Developing leaders should not be put on the backburner in favor of other priorities, as it is vital for long-term sustainability.



Unexpected Journey to Leadership: “Very few people go to university saying I want to be a leadership coach. It's just not common until you've had the opportunity to get out into the world and experience the impact that leaders can make and really start to get a passion for it.”

— Summer Davies 00:02:1900:04:42

The Importance of Prioritizing Leadership Development: “And what I often say is you can do that. It is not a sustainable, long-term way to ensure that your organization is going to be successful…if we prioritize leadership development now, then we don't block all the brilliant innovation and engagement and productivity that we could be creating over time.”

— Summer Davies 00:05:4400:08:04

The Power of Effective Leadership: “Your challenge or disaster in your organization is hiding in a corner somewhere, and somebody knows about it and they know how to fix it. If you have a manager who's leading them, who knows how to bring those ideas out and help them feel safe, help them feel like they can act on that information.”

— Summer Davies 00:09:3500:12:57

The Importance of Employee Engagement: “When they have that, then we can start to see that commitment and that enthusiasm of, I'm doing what I do best every day. I absolutely have the tools I need to be able to do that, and I've got people around me who make me feel safe, who help me feel like I belong, which is different than fitting in, and I'm able to be the fullest expression of myself, and that adds value. And when we've got that, that's what engagement is.”

— Summer Davies 00:14:0000:15:04

The Future of Work: “You can maintain a workforce who is just treading along. They're not super committed, they don't have that deeper sense of connection… but it is very difficult to continue to maintain that and continue to be innovative in the long term.”

— Summer Davies 00:15:4600:16:53

Commitment to your brand: “If you think about that little, teeny type of behaviors that you can create by engaging employees, and then you start to translate it to, well, what about when they're at work and they notice, oh, here's a little savings that we could make that could add up to be a huge savings. Or here's a little productivity shift we can make that would add up to be a huge productivity shift. Do you have the type of workforce we're going to say, hey, I see an opportunity, let's get it, because I really want to see this be successful and hitting these goals matter to me. That's the stuff.”

— Summer Davies 00:18:2500:20:54

The Impact of Leadership: “So for me, this is a leader who's not just sitting in the seat of boss or manager because that was the next rung up in the career path. It's somebody who said I'm clear about my purpose as a human. I'm clear about what it is I'm here to do in the time that I'm here.”

— Summer Davies 00:22:0700:25:05

The Importance of Curiosity and Empathy: “So I say to leaders all the time, the first step is just get curious…once you open that door to curiosity, you're already eons ahead of many others…And then the second thing I say often is just empathetic…Once you start opening that door to that conversation, amazing things happen.”

— Summer Davies 00:26:2000:27:55

Improving Leadership and Feedback: “When you behave in this way, this is the impact it's having on me. And I'm sharing this with you because I care about you, and I care about this organization.”

— Summer Davies 00:29:2100:31:24

About Summer:

Summer helps leaders develop the mindset and tactical skills they need to lead with impact, confidence, empowerment, and love what they do.   

She is passionately committed to enabling leaders to connect their personal purpose to the impact they make when leading others.   

Contact Summer':

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