[Ep 349] From Invisible to Influential Trusted Authority with a Podcast Series – Episode 2

From Invisible to Influential Trusted Authority with a Podcast Series – Episode 2

Hi, this is Annemarie – welcome to another episode of the Ambitious Entrepreneur Show.  

This is part 2 of our 4-part series where we are talking about how to go From Invisible to Influential Trusted Authority with a Podcast. 

If you are a coach or a consultant and feel like the world’s best-kept secret? Your experience is vast, yet secretly you’re frustrated because, despite all of your hard work, you’re not getting the visibility, recognition, or new clients you’d hoped for despite all of the hard work you’ve put into your business?   

So, you’re thinking of launching a podcast – because you’ve heard a podcast will help you amplify your message.  

As I mentioned in episode 1 of our series – a podcast can certainly help you amplify your message. However, it’ll only amplify the message that’s not working to more people. 

If you’re only just joining me: 

  • How to go from invisible, underpaid coach/consultant to highly paid, sought-after Trusted Authority with a podcast;  
  • How to transform your expertise from a want into a need and from an overwhelming number of choices to becoming the ONLY choice;  
  • How not to leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table but rather nurture and build long-term client relationships that lead to profitable and sustainable business growth;   
  • The POWER of Momentum: How to attract and generate a steady flow of your ideal clients right to your door so you NEVER have to ‘chase’ leads again, while leveraging the power of podcasting. 

Let’s dive into episode 2 – How to transform your expertise from a want into a need and from an overwhelming number of choices to becoming the ONLY choice; 


Episode Highlights 

The Distinction Model: Message 

LESS is MORE when it comes to your message 

  • Don't OVERWHELM 
  • Unlearn industry jargon/terminologies 

The Core Components Within the Message

1.Your Umbrella Statement

  • Especially useful for multi-passionate individuals who have a love of learning and diverse expertise and who are struggling to focus on ONE thing 
  • Your overarching outcome-focused statement that showcases your Promise of Value and Promise of Expectation
  • Can also be used as your Tag Line
  • Can inform you as to the ideal name for your podcast as well as the topics you'll be sharing in your podcast

2.Markers & Milestones – Your Invisible Thread (Story) 

– Markers:  

  • Significant events (i.e. challenges) you have faced that enabled you to come up with new/innovative methodologies which you now teach your clients 
  • Must resonate with your client 
  • Must validate (and answer the question why YOU, why NOW) 


  • The key milestones (successes and achievements) that have come about through you addressing the challenge and using the steps (systems etc.) that you now teach your clients  
  • They must be relevant to your ideal client (they want that outcome too) 
  • They must validate your teaching/methodologies (and be positioned uniquely from everyone else in your industry) 

3.Signature Sayings & Slogans 

  • Pearls of wisdom you share that (a) challenges the status quo and (b) innovates / transforms 
  • Can also become branded hashtags 

10 Powerful Quotes 

[7:06] “Your brand and the brand experience – as you bring that to life as a podcast host, whether you're sharing a solo show or whether you are interviewing guests – the experience that you create for your guest, for the listener, for your audience is what's going to make the difference.”

[12:42] “Authenticity is not a buzzword. I t's paramount.”

[16:30] “If you are continuing to share a similar message that everyone else is sharing, what makes you unique and uncopyable? That just means that you've got to dive a little bit deeper into your story, the learnings… You want to identify, “What's my unique brand and message? What is different about me and all of other hundreds, if not thousands of other coaches who are also certified in that particular modality or coaching program?”

[18:25] “We need to bring our message across in words and language that they [our ideal clients] resonate with. Unlearn industry jargon, terminologies, and learn the language your ideal clients is using when they're searching, and when they're sharing their problems, and the things that they say to themselves when they don't think anyone else is, uh, there listening and looking. That's the kind of language you want to share and bring into your podcast and all of your content actually.”

[24:52] “It really is around looking at your diverse experience and seeing it not as lots of diverse experience, but under that one umbrella and how now you can help people. Your diverse experience adds an even richer layer to your clients when you're able to see it that way.”

[28:13] “If clients worked with me, they would get noticed they would be able to get hired and they would be able to get paid what they're worth. ”

[28:47] “There's nothing worse is there as a coach or a consultant feeling that the work that we are doing is undervalued and we've undercharged”

[32:55] “So here's what you do need to think about when you're looking at your markers, they have to resonate with your client and they must validate and answer the question why you and why now?”

[37:35] “When you start to explore your experience and your stories and your journeys, that invisible thread will start to appear and be quite no longer invisible.”

[38:44] “You've got a gold mine full of invisible threads, and one clear one that is gonna resonate and pull all of your content together in your podcast.”

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