8. Starting a podcast: Which is the best microphone

Starting a podcast: Which is the best microphone

Hi, this is Annemarie, and welcome to another #ListenerIntoLead podcast tip for coaches and consultants who want to launch a podcast to nurture listeners into leads, get clients and build their business with their podcast. This is tip #8.  In tip #7 I shared that one of the most common questions I’m asked by coaches who are thinking of starting their podcast is – where do I start? 

The second question I’m often asked is this: What’s the best microphone for my podcast? 

The answer is simple: The best microphone is the microphone you have available to you right now. 

However, before we even begin to consider technology – one of the questions I asked them is why do you want to start your podcast? And, if the answer is “because I’m just not generating the clients I want and I feel like the world's best kept secret and I’ve heard a podcast will help me get my message out to more people.” that response is a red flag.  


Because if their message isn’t working already, if how they speak about themselves and the services they offer, is not generating interest and inquiries – I would rather focus on getting their message right first and THEN launch a robust podcast strategy to help them expand their reach and visibility with a message that works.  

Because a podcast will help you amplify your message BUT if your message isn’t working, your podcast will only amplify your message which is not working for more people, so you’ll end up possibly confusing even more people.  

So rather than focusing on the make and model of a microphone – focus FIRST on your message. 

That’s because you cannot edit and mix compelling content that converts, you cannot edit and mix content that nurtures listeners into leads from content that doesn’t make sense, that’s not compelling, that speaks directly to the heart of your ideal client and what he/she is struggling with – even if it was recorded on the BEST microphone available.  

So, worrying about what microphone to get if your message isn’t already working is the wrong thing to focus on.  

If your message IS working already and you’re successfully generating leads, inquiries, and clients from your message and you’re now ready to launch a podcast – the best microphone for you is going to depend on a number of things. 

Where are you going to be recording it? Do you want to be able to take your podcast on the road so be able to record it on location? Are you a tech geek and therefore a bit of a tech snob when it comes to your technology (and by the way, there’s nothing wrong with that), or do you want something that’s going to sound good while being simple to set up? 

All of these things and more are going to make a difference in your selection of microphones.  Know that your microphone may also sound different depending on where you are located because the environment is going to impact the sound quality.  

So the best microphone will depend on a number of factors, so keep that in mind as you continue your research.  But most importantly of all, your MESSAGE and working that out BEFORE you worry about the model and make of microphone is crucial. 

I’ll see you in the next tip. 

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