7. Starting a podcast: Where do you start?

Starting a podcast: Where do you start?

Hi this is Annemarie and welcome to another #ListenerIntoLead podcast tip for coaches and consultants who want to launch a podcast to nurture listeners into leads, get clients and build their business with their podcast. This is tip #7. 

One of the most common questions I’m asked by coaches who are thinking of starting their podcast is – where do I start?  

So in this tip I want to share what I share with them and with all of my clients and my community. 

Where do you start when it comes to your podcast? 

You start with the end in mind.  But not just ANY end in mind. 

But a specific end in mind. 

Because specificity is key. 

For instance a goal of: “I want to build visibility and brand awareness with my podcast” is not specific. 

Nor is, I want to grow my podcast downloads to 1,000 downloads per episode – that's not specific either.  

If we look at those two examples – being more specific with the first example of “I want to build my visibility and brand awareness with my podcast’ could become: “I want to build my visibility and brand awareness as a trusted authority as a coach/consultant for high-earning Reals Estate Agents in the commercial real estate space, helping them go from 7-figure to 8-figure deals.  

And, if we look at the second example, where originally we said “I want to grow my podcast downloads to 1,000 downloads per episode’ to “I want to build a highly engaged community of multi-six figure coaches who are ready and need support to take their business to 7-figure incomes, with my podcast playing an integral role in my relationship building strategy and constantly growing to 1,000+ downloads per episode.  

Both of those examples, I’m sure you would agree when from quite broad statements to specific and highly focused statements. 

Why is that important?  

Because being specific allows you to be more focused AND strategic in your planning, the content you share, HOW you position yourself, WHERE you share your podcast, the keywords and phrases you use.

It impacts everything.  

So, tip #7 when starting a podcast – where do you start? You start with the end in mind – and that end in mind is having clarity AND specificity when it comes to your message and monetization strategy for your podcast. 

How clear and specific are you when it comes to your podcast and the overall goals you want?  

I’ll see you in the next tip

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