6.Mistake 5: Your message getting lost in the noise of your own podcast

Mistake5: Your message getting lost in the noise of your own podcast

Hey, this is Annemarie, and welcome to another #ListenerIntoLead tip. This is tip #6. And this is the last of the main mistakes that I made when I started my very first co-hosted podcast 13 years ago, which we did for two years, and then even continued to do over the years with the other podcasts that I had.

I'm sharing these mistakes with you so that you can avoid making them and therefore not have to go through the frustration that I did. But rather launch your podcast and start generating real results from your very first episode.

And this tip is not to let your message get lost in the noise of your own podcast, don't let your message get lost in the noise of your own podcast. What do I mean by that? Well, I've made this mistake several times across a number of my podcasts.

I see this happen time and time again, going back to one of the other mistakes that I shared with tip #3 and that mistake was comparing podcasts to mainstream radio. Like what I did, I did that and other shows have done that to other podcast hosts and businesses have done that, too. So what they ended up doing was they got together and a number of guests interviewed them and then at the beginning or the end or right in the middle or somewhere along those lines, they would put a little ad in there about their own business and hope that as the host, someone would hear that. Then they would hope that someone would go, “Oh, I need that”.

I'll give you an example. So there was a fitness coach that had started their podcast but was really struggling to generate results. So when I asked them, well, what's your strategy?

What, who are you interviewing, and what is the overall goal of your podcast? Well, obviously, he wanted to generate clients for his fitness programs. And he thought, you know, why target business owners, they'll want to get healthy. So when they're healthy and feeling well, they're more likely to have more energy and be more productive. Productivity is important when building your business. And so he thought, well, I'm going to interview other businesses about all sorts of different topics. Then, in the end, I'll share, by the way, if you're a business that needs a fitness coach, this is how I can help you. But he wasn't really generating results.

But let me just back up, he was interviewing these businesses about all sorts of different topics. Now, if he was a fitness coach, don't you think that his podcast should have been focused on businesses with their wealth, with their health, with their physical well being with their nutrition, if, as a fitness coach, nutrition and exercise were really important, so that the podcast itself was creating a platform that was focused specifically on the content around fitness, nutrition, exercises, and exercise, and all of the things targeting businesses, so that someone who was listening to that podcast would know that they're listening to it because they want that information.

Therefore, he's creating a high niche audience of specific business owners who are struggling with their health is things that are happening to them. That's why they're listening to the podcast, versus just getting random business owners talking about lots of different topics too broad, kind of throwing some ads in, and hopefully, a listener will, out of the audience will go hey, I actually do need a fitness coach, then maybe the topic that you're talking about was SEO or something, no relationship to that someone's not going to go, hey, I'm interested in listening to this podcast episode, which is on SEO, and oh, yeah, I was, I didn't need a business coach, actually. So you can kind of see this huge disconnect.

Do not let your message get lost in the noise of your own podcast. I had someone else come to me because they had a massive production. They had hired someone that had come from the radio space mainstream radio. That's exactly what they did as well. They interviewed all of these people from business, and then they incorporated ads within their podcast episode, which promoted their particular business, your message is going to get lost in the noise of your own podcast.

If your whole strategy is not focused on a high niche audience and a high niche audience has a high niche topic or a theme of topics that sits under what I call a beautiful umbrella statement promise, a value promise of expectation. So do not let your message get lost in the noise of your own podcast.

It happened to me as well. I wasn't clear on where I really wanted to position myself. All I knew was I was passionate about podcasting and passionate about business. I had all sorts of different guests on the show. I never really clearly defined where I wanted to add value, where I really wanted to position my thought leadership and become known as that trusted authority. I got bored with my own podcast.

Thankfully, I wasn't live streaming then like I do now. And there were some times when the guest couldn't see me. But it was really having to sum up all of my energy to try and seem really interested in what the guest was talking about, which was one of the reasons why I shut down award-winning podcasts many years ago. I've now relaunched, the Ambitious Entrepreneur Show, because I am a lot clearer. There's a strategy that I have in place to be able to nurture listeners into leads, and ultimately pay customers which is what I teach my clients as well.

Get clear on your message, and make sure your podcast is highly niched with the topic and the guests that you have. As I mentioned in a previous mistake, monetize your own message but don't do it in a way where you're getting all of these guests and then you're throwing an ad in there hoping that one of your listeners will go “Yeah, I actually need a fitness coach” or “Yeah, I actually need some financing capital financing for my business”.

When the topics that you're talking about the guests that you're having, and the overall name and positioning of your podcast are anything but fitness for business professionals, for businesses who want to make a bigger impact in the world, or financing whatever that that demographic of the client is, make sure your podcast is themed and positioned so that you can step up onto that virtual platform and begin to build a high niche audience of your ideal clients that you can continue to build know, like, and trust with.

So that was Tip #6, the last of the mistakes. I look forward to speaking with you in the next tip, where I answer some of the questions that I have been asked by over the years.

I'll see you in the next tip.

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