29. When doubt threatens to take you out

When doubt threatens to take you out

I've spoken to SO many aspiring entrepreneurs over the last decade (or so) who were all at the beginning of their journey of finding their ‘THING'. Their INNER BRILLIANCE (as I like to call it). 

[Disclosure: I can SO relate to this, as it has been my own journey too]. 

At the core of our Inner Brilliance is often an innate talent – a strength that comes naturally to us.  And, because it comes so naturally to us, it's often easy to discredit. 

So, we end up searching, learning, searching, doing more learning, more searching, and more learning. Trying to find OUR thing.

Sadly, for many the journey of learning and searching never really comes to an end. Because, despite how hard they work at making it work – it never really does work. Or, not to the level they really wanted it to. 

And, that's because they are missing that one, fundamental thing. They continue to disregard that innate talent – that strength, their Inner Brilliance. 

However, herein lies the gold. 

It's NEVER too late. 

So here are some of the things I've learned over the years: 

  • Stop doubting yourself. Doubt is a lying THIEF! Tell doubt to F-off. 
  • Stop searching for answers that are already there in front of you. You just need to look with renewed hope and expectation. It IS there – take the time to dig a little deeper. 
  • Start listening to the people around you who continue to comment about certain aspects of you and how you show up. THIS is evidence of your Inner Brilliance. 
  • Start listening to the compliments people say to you. DON'T discredit what they say, as this is a way to undervalue yourself. 
  • Stop looking at what other people are doing. They don't have your strengths and Inner Brilliance. They haven't walked your journey; or developed and honed your strengths; nor do they have the same passion and purpose as you. Find YOUR's. 

Because when you do; it won't seem like work. It will flow. Yes, you need to take action, and LOTS of action – but it won't seem hard, because you are loving what you do.  

Trust me. I know. Because it's been my journey (from the age of 15 – if truth be known). So, I've breathed it. I've lived it.  

And, actually it's because it IS my Inner Brilliance. 

It's why I became a Career Coach – some several decades ago. 

It's why I still love helping other entrepreneurs discover their Inner Brilliance. 

It's why I love interviewing my podcasts guests and creating an environment and a platform that enables them to showcase their brilliance 

It's why I do what I do. 

So, my question to you – what's your why? What's your Inner Brilliance? 


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