24. Innovate – even 1% difference can be the difference

Innovate – even 1% difference can be the difference

As I mentioned yesterday in Tip#23, as someone who is looking to build your thought leadership – be mindful of the tactics you follow as you continue to build your reputation as a trusted authority.  

It matters.

Rather than following the same ol ‘hack this’ and ‘hack that’ visibility tactics – focus on the insights, hindsight and foresight that only YOU can bring to the conversation through your years of experience and knowledge.

Because it’s the wisdom and knowledge YOU bring through longevity in your industry that matters!  Showcase THAT as you build your thought leadership collateral.

Another way to do that is to: 

  • Innovate – even 1% difference can make the difference  

So here are some tips to help you come up with content ideas. Specifically, the type of content people WANT to read and will help you stand out, be heard and influence your ideal client.  

An interesting poll that Linkedin’s ran a while ago may just be helpful.  In fact, ‘Fresh Ideas and Inspiration’ topped the poll at 60%, followed by ‘New Industry Insights’ in second place at 29%. 

Here’s what I would add – especially important if you’re looking to add value to the conversation WHILE build your reputation as a trusted authority – that trusted voice in your industry.  

Be mindful your ‘Fresh Ideas and Inspiration’ are specific and relevant to your industry. Because while those inspirational ‘popularity posts’ may generate higher levels of engagement, you’ll want to spend the majority of your time creating posts that challenges the status quo, inspires new ways of thinking to your industry, while showcasing your thought leadership.   

So, specificity and relevancy are key.  

Here are 3 ideas to get your creative content juices flowing when it comes to innovating – even at 1%:  

  • Look at what other people in your industry are talking about AND go deeper. Much deeper.  
  • Pinpoint the areas no-one’s talking about. Find evidence that validate its importance and relevance, and continue to bring fresh and innovative insights into this area. 
  • Research other industries and pinpoint overlapping similarities/challenges/solutions to build a solid business case for why change is needed and why outdated principles/approaches are no longer valid. 


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