24. Authenticity is Paramount for your podcast

Authenticity is Paramount for your podcast

Hi, this is Annemarie, and welcome to another #ListenerIntoLead podcast tip for coaches and consultants who want to launch a podcast to nurture listeners into leads, get clients and build their business with their podcast. This is tip #24 

Ever heard the saying ‘marketers ruin everything’? EVERY Tom, Dick and Harry (sorry to all of the Tom, Dick and Harry’s out there – no offence to you) however just making my point that every sadly unscrupulous marketer under the sun – jumps on the bandwagon overusing something so much – that it can become tarnished. 

An example where that happened recently was a technology platform I invested in, it was still in Beta with a promise to be an incredible solution. However, unbeknownst to the developers there were a handful of people who had been using the email system to send out so much unsolicited emails the developers had to shut the entire email system down for months and months while they sorted out the issue of being black listed. It was terrible and a great example of how marketers – especially the unscrupulous marketers ruin everything. 

Another example is when certain words and phrases are used. Personally, I despise the word ‘hack’ ‘Hack this and hack that’ I would hear that word over and over on my podcast – years ago to the point I’d cringe every time I heard it. 

Now one word that has been used and (in some instances) overused and abused is the word ‘authenticity,’ marketers talking about authenticity when they were anything but authentic in their approach and with their marketing. 

For me the word ‘authentic’ is integral. My leading Brand Archetype is Explorer and the Explorer is all about pioneering the discover of our truth. So, words such as unique, individual, authentic are words that express what I stand for, what I help people with – helping them identify what’s unique and authentic for them and helping them bring that out into their marketing and content. 

So, for me Authenticity when it comes to your personal Brand (and my background is in personal branding) is integral. Which is why one of my core personal branding principles is Authenticity is NOT a buzzword – it's paramount. 

Because the opposite of authenticity is fake, which is why I cringe when I hear other marketers tell their clients – just make up a story. Just fake it. Yuk!  

You’re a change maker and change makers don’t fake things, they don’t lie.  

Instead, being authentic means being genuine and being REAL. The real deal!  

And, that’s how you should be on each and every episode of your podcast. Whether you are interviewing guests or doing a solo show on your own.  

So, over to you. What does authenticity and being authentic mean to you and what aspects of being authentic will you continue to bring forward on your podcast? 

I’ll see you in the next tip.  


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