21. Do the Opposite

Do the Opposite

As I mentioned yesterday in Tip#20, as someone who is looking to build your thought leadership – be mindful of the tactics you follow as you continue to build your reputation as a trusted authority.  

It matters.

Rather than following the same ol ‘hack this’ and ‘hack that’ visibility tactics – focus on the insights, hindsight, and foresight that only YOU can bring to the conversation through your years of experience and knowledge.

Because it’s the wisdom and knowledge YOU bring through longevity in your industry that matters!

Showcase THAT as you build your thought leadership collateral.

Another way to do that is to: 

  • Do the opposite. 

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “When everyone zigs – zag.”  As a Change Maker, you probably already know that you don’t follow trends – you lead trends. Or, you look out for certain patterns in order to identify unique and different ways of doing things. 

Because being “one of the pack” – just isn’t your style.  

So, when it comes to your industry – what moves have you made that were different from what everyone else has done, and how has it improved your results and now of course the results of your clients?

Or, what CAN you do in order to zig when everyone else is zagging? 

The other day I made a comment about a specific platform and how I had decided NOT to incorporate that platform into my strategy. Someone responded, “All of your competitors are on that platform – so you should be too?” To which I responded, that’s one of the reasons why I don’t and I won’t. I know who my ideal client is and she is probably not hanging out on that platform, because she’s on a mission to change the world, and that particular platform is a distraction. 

Another example of zigging when everyone else is zagging came about when one of my colleagues who is a printer mentioned how printed marketing and relationship-building collateral is not as prolific as it was years ago. Everyone is online. 

So, imagine if you incorporated a strategy that did involve something unique and uncopyable that was sent to someone’s physical mailing address. That would certainly stand out considering printed matter has dropped off substantially. It would certainly stand out and is just another example of how to do the opposite of what everyone else in your industry are doing. 

Now it’s your turn. 

What have you done that was the opposite to what everyone else in your industry were doing? Or, what can you do in order to bring positive change and quicker results for your clients that’s opposite to what other people are doing in your industry?  


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