19. Expose the elephant in the room

Expose the elephant in the room

As I mentioned yesterday in Tip#18, as someone who is looking to build your thought leadership – be mindful of the tactics you follow as you continue to build your reputation as a trusted authority.  

It matters.

Rather than following the same ol ‘hack this’ and ‘hack that’ visibility tactics – focus on the insights, hindsight, and foresight that only YOU can bring to the conversation through your years of experience and knowledge.  Because it’s the wisdom and knowledge YOU bring through longevity in your industry that matters! Showcase THAT as you build your thought leadership collateral.

Another way to do that is to: 

  • Expose the elephant in the room. 

What is a mistruth or a mistake that your ideal client is not aware of and perhaps is something other providers in your industry are still teaching? Address it and share what your ideal clients should be doing instead.  

One of the elephants in the room for me when it comes to helping businesses start their podcast – is the fixation on the number of downloads their podcast is getting. I’m sure you’ve heard the term Vanity Numbers – where people get caught up in the number of likes and shares and comments, and when it comes to podcasting the number of downloads.

So, instead of focusing on Vanity Numbers – I encourage people to focus on and build Reputation Equity – because Reputation Equity is bankable, whereas Vanity numbers are not. 

What do I mean when I say Reputation Equity is bankable – well this entire 30DaysToDistinction Challenge covers important insights and tips on how to build your reputation as that trusted authority. And, when you’ve got a reputation for bringing valuable insights and a reputation of delivering results – people hire you. 

It was building Reputation Equity with my podcast – Ambitious Entrepreneur Show that saw several people message me and ask if I would consider selling my podcast after I announced I was stopping production.  That’s the Reputation I had built over the years for that podcast and compelled people to reach out and enquire. If it hadn’t built its reputation – I'm sure no one would have been interested.

That’s the value of building Reputation Equity rather than focusing on Vanity Numbers – which is an elephant in the room that I address. 

Now it’s your turn. 

What elephants in the room can you address when it comes to your industry? 


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