17. How to define your niched topic for your podcast

How to define your niched topic for your podcast

Hi, this is Annemarie, and welcome to another #ListenerIntoLead podcast tip for coaches and consultants who want to launch a podcast to nurture listeners into leads, get clients and build their business with their podcast. This is tip #17 

Are you a multi-passionate person, who loves to learn, you have many interests and you struggle to define who you are and how you can support people into one succinct statement?  

Yeah – me too. I struggled with that for YEARS. 

In fact, if you’ve followed me for a minute – you'd have heard me share before how as multi-passionate individuals who LOVE learning, we need to be mindful NOT to let our diverse interests – water down our message. 

Because focusing on too many things – without a clear and compelling outcome (which speaks into the outcome our ideal client seeks) will mean our message gets lost in the noise. 

One of the ways I watered down my message years ago was when I started speaking about social media to business groups. 

They’d heard about the success my co-host and I were having with leveraging social media to promote our podcast, so wanted me to share all of our secrets. 

I was happy to. However, what inadvertently happened was my core message of Personal Branding was watered down, as I spoke more about social media.  

Until one of my close colleagues – hired a personal brand strategist, after completely forgetting that I could have helped her. 

That was a HUGE wake up call for me. And, led me to become far more mindful of and strategic about what I spoke about and how I positioned my mess ,age. 

I wonder – when it comes to YOUR message… are you building your reputation as a go-to authority in your area of expertise? 

Or like me all those years ago, you’re watering down your message because of the vast topics you speak about? 

In today’s tip I want you to check back over the last 10 pieces of content you shared across your social media platforms, your blog, your podcast and ask yourself – are these aligned to a clear and concise message that positions me as distinguishable, uncopyable and irresistible in a clear area of expertise so I’m building my reputation as a trusted authority in a key area?

Or not?  If not, you need to make a decision as to how you’re going refine your ONE thing, which you want to become known for. 

What is it that the combination of your experience, knowledge and certifications will enable you to support YOUR ideal client to achieve their goals/outcomes?

For me, it was helping clients stand out, be heard, and become an influential voice in their industry. The trusted authority. THE choice vs just a choice for their ideal client. And then taking their message onto their own podcast platform so they can leverage their podcast to nurture listeners into leads, get clients and build their business with the message they share. 

Which is why I’m so passionate about doing this #ListenerToLead series, so you don’t make the same mistakes I did and can get results much faster by speaking to your audience of one. 

I’ll see you in the next tip.  


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