14. Why trying to be all things to all people never works

Why trying to be all things to all people never works

Want to build your reach while becoming known as a trusted authority in your field? So that when your ideal client is looking for support you are THE choice vs just a choice for them? 

Then when it comes to your message and what you offer – don't try to be all things to all people. 

Because the broader your message is, the longer it’ll take to build your reach OR be seen as a trusted authority.  If ever.  

Because your message will get lost in the noise.  

As I mentioned in Tip #12 to be irresistible you need to speak to an audience of one. 

When you do focus on that audience of ONE, each piece of content you share will speak into the challenges he/she faces, along with the desired outcomes he/she longs, as well as invaluable insights on HOW they can begin to achieve that. 

And, because you’re consistently sharing that consistent message across multiple platforms it won’t be long before your ideal client will instantly think of you when someone asks them “Who do you know that does [fill in the gap].” They’ll recommend you. 

And, when they’re ready to make an investment – they'll hire you. 

Because YOU are the person they instantly think of and couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. 

For today’s Action – have a look over the pieces of content you’ve been sharing over the last few months? Is there a consistent message and theme coming across in your content? Or do you need to refine it? 


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