11. Being Irresistible – what is it and is not

Being Irresistible – what is it and is not

Being irresistible as you would probably know means to be so compelling that you are hard to resist.

An online definition of irresistible said: too powerful or convincing to be resisted.

However, in the context of becoming irresistible to your ideal client – it's just that. Being irresistible to YOUR ideal client.

Not trying to be irresistible to everyone and anyone – but rather your ideal client.

Also, when it comes to being irresistible when it comes to business there are some certain areas I’m referring to, which are important you focus on (which I’ll dive deeper into in the upcoming tips) and some things you should avoid.

Let’s look at some of the things you should avoid.

So, often, we assume that to be irresistible we have to become someone or something that is going to stand out and attract our ideal client. And that becoming someone or something means we completely diminish who we are and/or how we come across.

Identify the best part of you and give yourself permission to shine. You don’t need to wear a mask or dull your light because someone else doesn’t like the way you show up.

That means you’re not for them and that’s ok.

You’re here to support a specific client, who will absolutely resonate with who you are and how you should up – that best part of YOU, which you’ve probably started to get clearer on through the last few tips we’ve been working on. The Distinction Triad and your unique Mannerisms and Characteristics.

Another aspect you want to avoid when it comes to being irresistible and what not to do relates to your message and your story. And, I’ve mentioned it before – never, ever, EVER think you need to make up your story because your current story is boring.

Any relationship that’s been based and built on a mistruth – a lie, is NOT the place to start. You just need to dig deeper to find the golden nuggets of what makes you irresistible.

Now that you know what NOT to do, tomorrow we’ll dive a little deeper into what to focus on when putting together an irresistible message for your ideal client.

However your take action step in the meantime, go back over the notes you took in your Take Action Guide about your Markers and Milestones and begin writing a few notes about which ones are most relevant to your ideal client. Jot them down as we’re going to be referring back to them in our upcoming tips over the next few days.



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