05: Being Distinguishable – what it is and is NOT

Being Distinguishable – what it is and what it is NOT.  

Let’s start with what it is NOT.  

Being distinguishable is NOT thinking and acting as if you’re all that. 

In fact, it has nothing to do with being better or greater than anyone or everyone else. 

Being distinguishable is not about saying how wonderful you are, and big noting yourself, tooting your own horn.  

In fact, it has nothing to do with feeding your ego at all.  

Being distinguishable is about pointing out key areas that you know are going to stand out from the noise, capture the attention of your ideal client because it resonates with them. 

In fact, I have a saying: Being Distinguishable is NOT you’re better than everyone else, but rather how you’re better placed to support your ideal client. 


Being distinguishable is about how you are unique and can demonstrate how your skills, knowledge, experience, achievements, etc. are distinguishable are set apart from others in your industry and best able to support your ideal client in overcoming the challenges that are keeping them stuck and achieving the outcomes they want to achieve.  

It’s not about being better – but being better-placed to support your ideal client and validating that through the content and message you share. 

Tomorrow's tip #6 is where I share The Distinction Triad and the areas you can bring into your content and message you share to show your ideal client how you are distinguishable and better-placed to support them. 

See you tomorrow. 



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