04: When ‘Just Start’ seems too hard

And, that is to ‘just start.’

Just take that action you know you need to do in order to share your message, get started on that project, submit your expression of interest for that speaking opportunity or podcast interview.

Whatever it is – just start.

Which may sound like a ridiculous piece of advice, because if it were as easy as just starting – you'd probably have done it already, right?

So here are some things to help you unravel why you may be stuck and unable to start.

  • Is what you’re looking to do – too overwhelming?
    • Well chuck it down. Get everything out of your head and onto paper and then look at what needs to happen next. Do you need to map out a 90-day plan, along with steps needed to be done, the people that need to help you and the resources you need?
    • Start chunking down and documenting what you do know and often that can make a world of difference. And, guess what – you've started!
  • Stop aiming for perfection! Nothing will ever be perfect. And, just like you build confidence, so too will your skill level as you continue to do that thing, over and over and over.
  • Are you a procrastinator? Find the source of your procrastination and work on that. For instance, procrastination and perfection often are the two sides of the same coin. You never start because you want it to be perfect. You can continue to procrastinate till the cows come home – and still be no further in a week’ a month’s, a year’s time.

So, just start.

Take that ONE step you need to do today?




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