03: What to do if you lack confidence

If I could count the number of times business owners have cringed at the thought of being interviewed on a podcast because they don’t yet have the ‘confidence’ to share their message…well let’s just say I would quickly run out of fingers and toes.

What about you?

Are you waiting until you are confident before you begin pitching yourself as a guest to a podcast host? Or even before you start your own podcast, because you just need a little more confidence? Or, you fill in the gap for the opportunity and/or project you’re not doing yet because you’re waiting to have more confidence.


Can I share a secret with you?

It’s something one of my mentors shared with us many years ago and it’s stuck with me.

She said, you don’t need confidence. You need courage.

You need courage to step out right NOW to share your message.

Will it be perfect? Will you be confident? I doubt it.

However, when you step out again and again and again, you’ll begin to develop the courage you need because you’ve proven to yourself you CAN.


The first time I started a co-hosted podcast it was in 2008. We had no idea what we were doing – there were no podcasting mentors who could show us how to build our businesses with a podcast back then, but we did it anyway.

I was SO nervous and when I listen back to some of those early podcast interviews – I cringe. But guess what, I’m a lot better some 13 years later after thousands of interviews. And I’ll probably look back in another 13 years and see how far I’ve developed and grown.

However, I started. I didn’t wait until I HAD confidence – I stepped out in courage and build the confidence I needed.


In fact, through my own experience, I don’t believe confidence is something you just have. Confidence is something you build.

And, guess what – you absolutely CAN build the confidence you need too

You just need the courage to step out TODAY and again tomorrow and the next day and the next.


Will you?



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