01: Tell Imposter Syndrome to take a hike

Ever felt that you’re not good enough, you feel like a fraud, or you doubt your competence and ability?  

You’re not alone.  

In fact, in the thousands of conversations I’ve had with executives and entrepreneurs – confirms that the feeling of not being good enough doesn’t distinguish between men or women, nationalities, ages, or even how much experience, knowledge and expertise you have.  

There is ONE difference though between those people who experience imposter syndrome.  

And, that difference is that some people don’t let their insecurities keep them from taking action, from sharing their message, or saying ‘yes’ to that opportunity in front of them. 

I remember one of my podcast guests and I were chatting after we’d finished the live-steam we were wrapping up the show and casually chatting about her business and how far she’d come.  

I’d asked her: “Looking back over the last decade in your business, what’s been your greatest lesson?” 

She answered:  

“That until recently, I’ve been playing small and could have been much further along in the growth of my business. I guess that inner critic – telling me ‘who was I to think I could make an impact. There were people with more qualifications, more experience, more [yada yada yada]’ kept me stuck for so long.” 

I’m sure we can all relate to her comment.  

So, here’s today’s message for you – our #30DaystoDistinction challenge, helping you become distinguishable, uncopyable and irresistible, so you can become THE choice vs just A choice for your ideal client and can continue to be the difference and bring real change in your sphere of influence with your message and expertise.  

Tell Imposter Syndrome and your inner critic – YOU'RE not the fraud. IT IS!  

So ‘it’ can take a hike. 

I’m serious.  

Don’t even sit still long enough for your inner critic, your doubts and insecurities to tell you: 

  • ‘Who do you think you are?”  
  • ‘You can’t’, *  
  • ‘You won’t’, or 
  • Any other BS for that matter. 

It’s NOT serving you. 

Nor is it serving the people you have been called to support. 

So, the next time your inner critic even DARES to open her mouth, before she can get a word out, tell her: YOU not the fraud – it is!  

And that “You CAN!” and 

“You WILL!” Even if you don’t feel completely ready yet. Guess what – no-one really does. In fact, no matter what level you’re at, or how many years’ experience you have.  

 There’s always something more to learn, to tweak, to improve upon. And, you’ll continue to do that anyway as you continue to share your message NOW.  

Because what you have learned, what you have experienced, including the challenges you’ve overcome – and the steps you’ve come up with to help you overcome those challenges are the exact things your ideal client needs to hear.  

So, share it! Say YES to that opportunity – today! 

Your ideal client is waiting for you to share your message. 

Will you?  



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