Episode #81: Your Money Story: Is it helping or hindering your business’s growth? With Patricia Missakian

Whether you realize it or not, every single one of us has a Money Story. And, depending on what you Money Story is, it can either help you in growing a successful business, or it can hinder you.

Are you struggling to increase the level of income you’re making in your business? Despite everything you try to do you still can’t break through that income barrier? Or maybe, keeping and saving money is something you struggle with. As soon as you earn it, something happens and you’re forced to empty your bank account.

Whatever the situation you’re struggling with, it may just be your Money Story that’s the cause and today my guest – Patricia Missakian is going to share:

  • What your money story is
  • How your money story can keep you stuck from building the business of your dreams
  • The Five Money Types and how they can affect money showing up in your life and business (or not!)
  • and much more!

Links and further resources we spoke about in the podcast today:

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Enjoy the show!

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Now, let me introduce you to our special guest – Patricia Missakian

Patricia is a motivated, passionate coach who specializes in working with heart-centered entrepreneurs and small business owners who are ready to catapult their business to a new level of success.

She has 20+ years experience in the business world and extensive training in various coaching modalities, branding and marketing. Her background in graphic design and the healing arts give her a unique approach. She is the creator of Soul Frequency Branding, a process where she uses both her creative and intuitive gifts when she works with clients.

Patricia also helps business owners break through the money habits and patterns that are holding them back from achieving their full potential. This leads to designing branding, marketing and systems that clarify step by step what is needed to make more money than ever thought was possible and allow time to enjoy a dream lifestyle.

Contact Patricia Missakian537957_373870642636492_725432068_n


What did you think about the message Patricia shared today? Which tip was the biggest ‘aha’ for you about your money story and how it may be holding you back?

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