Welcome to Stacey Myers and the Author Platform Success podcast

Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network is thrilled to welcome Stacey Myers and her podcast the Author Platform Success Podcast to the program.

Founder & CEO, Annemarie Cross welcomes and introduces Stacey through a previous interview Annemarie & Stacey did, where Stacey shared her wisdom about how to create a powerful Author Platform.

Do you have a book inside you just waiting to get out? If so, according to an article on Huffington Post you are one of the 82% of people who want to write a book.

Perhaps you’re in the process of writing your first, second or even third book?

Whether you’re a published author or you long to become published author you’ll want to go and grab a pen and paper and take down the notes that my guest today is about to share.

Stacey Myers – is a mentor to authors and supports them in building a powerful author platform so they can build a powerful online presence with their book. On today’s show she is going to share:

  • Why every author and writer needs an author platform even if they haven’t started writing yet
  • The key elements you must have in place for your author platform
  • Key strategies you must follow daily to ensure you author platform works for you
  • and much more!



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