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[Ep #03] Using Technology to Drive Productivity & Profitability: The First Profit Stack

Using Technology to Drive Productivity & Profitability: The First Profit Stack 

Welcome to Network Overdrive Podcast – Episode 3 – the podcast for consulting and professional services businesses who want to drive their productivity and profitability using technology.

Most businesses consider technology to be a cost to their business.

However, according to my guest with the right systems and when everything is set up correctly, technology is NOT a cost – but an investment, and he’s able to demonstrate how for every $1 invested in your IT, there is a direct link to revenue generation and cost reduction.


Joining me on today’s show is Greg Clarkson, CEO of Network Overdrive.

Network Overdrive is a Managed IT Service Provider for consulting and professional services companies with more than 20 employees. Network Overdrive specialises in helping clients to use technology to drive productivity and profitability across 5 profit stacks.

On today's show Greg is going to speak about:

  • The 5 Profit Stacks and why they are so critical in your business;
  • The first Profit Stack: The Sales Stack;
  • Network Overdrive's upcoming workshop where Greg will help you identify which of the Five Profit Stacks you need to work on in your business to become more productive and more profitable.

Network Overdrive Podcast – Making I.T. happen.


The First Stack is the Sales Stack, which for many businesses is the most important stack. For the professional service industry, it’s even more important because often they are only as good as their last job and there’s no guarantee they’re going to get another job from that customer. — Greg Clarkson

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Enjoy the show!


To find out more and to book in for our complimentary Two-Hour Workshop, go to:


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