[Ep #03] How to Take Care of Your Baby, Your Business AND Yourself in an Intuitive Way

How to Take Care of Your Baby, Your Business AND Yourself in an Intuitive Way

According to 2015 ABS figures – 34% of business owners were women and 47% of these women had dependent children living at home.

My guest today is herself a business-woman with a dependent child living at home, and she believes society needs to rethink its expectation on parents.

Stepping up to the microphone today is Rachel Allan.

Rachel has been a business owner for 12.5 years, and a mum for 6 years. On her business-and-baby journey she has learned a lot about life, business and herself. While it has not always been an easy ride, it has definitely been fulfilling. She feels a strong calling to share her discoveries (and the wisdom of other parents and experts) with you in this new book, When Business Meets Baby.

Rachel’s inspiration is vibrant 5½-year-old daughter Sophie, who has her own busy little life with school, dancing and swimming. Rachel is honoured to be Sophie’s mum, and she is also an author, integrated marketer, entrepreneur and property investor.

On today’s show, Rachel will be sharing:

  • How to take beautiful care of your baby, your business and yourself in an intuitive way;
  • Setup supportive systems that free your time and help you feel relaxed and in control;
  • Enjoy the experience of being a truly ‘present’ mother and a successful business owner.

Trust your intuition and dive in. – Rachel Allan

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