Episode #59: Startup Small, Dream Big, Grow Fast Telesummit – Speaker Preview

Do you feel trapped by your workload? Do you feel like you are invisible to potential clients and that you’re running a hobby rather than a profitable business?

If you answered ‘yes’ then you’ll want to keep August 27-29th free in your calendar for what promises to be the most inspirational business building event of your year.

The Startup Small, Dream Big, Grow Fast Telesummit.

As a special treat for you on today’s show I’m joined by two of the speakers – Kerri Baruch and Susan Andrewes. Both Kerri and Susan will share a little about what they’ll be speaking about at the telesummit and why you’ll want to join them.


PS.  If you don’t want to wait and would love to secure your seat NOW, you can do so here.

Our First Guest Expert:

Kerri Baruch is an inspiring coach and support for women looking to love their lives and themselves. She empowers her clients to blast out of the shackles of their inner critic and embrace the beauty and wholeness of their true self in all areas including body, mind and Soul.

Contact Kerri Baruch

• Web: www.awakenedprincess.com
• Twitter: www.Twitter.com/AwakendPrincess

Show Highlights:

Kerri shares:

• The one thing that can feed your inner critic
• The steps you need to take to silence your inner critic
• The importance of embracing your worth

Join Kerri on the Startup Small, Dream Big, Grow Fast telesummit by signing up here

Our Second Guest Expert:

Susan Andrewes is a Success Coach who works with ambitious individuals who are ready to get paid to do what they love, make an impact in their world and leave an active legacy. Susan is known for powerfully challenging her clients to see possibilities far beyond what they had previously imagined and to effortlessly achieve even their most ‘impossible’ goals, while at the same time experiencing less stress and more fun and freedom in every area of their lives.

Contact Susan Andrewes

• Web: www.susanandrewes.com
• Twitter: www.Twitter.com/SusanAndrewes

Show Highlights:

Susan shares:

• Why many high-achievers struggle to find happiness and fulfillment despite a long series of accomplishments, and how you can use that knowledge to completely transform your experience of life
• The #1 thing that stops solo entrepreneurs from creating the financial success and lifestyle they really want
• How to achieve greater success while experiencing less stress and more fun

Join Susan on the Startup Small, Dream Big, Grow Fast telesummit by signing up here


What were some of your ‘aha’ moments? Let me know in the comment box below. It’s always so nice to hear from you!!  And, remember to sign up for the telesummit and to share the link with your friends and colleagues so they can join in as well.




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