Social media – an important platform to promote your business presence globally online

Could your small business use an infusion of new ideas to expand sales and draw new clients your way?  Perhaps it’s time for you to investigate and explore social media as a means of achieving these goals.

A recent interesting statistic to consider concerning Facebook… “Facebook has passed the 1 billion user mark in Oct. 2012, that means that over 1 billion people have been using Facebook actively EACH MONTH.  That is 1 in every 7 people on the planet.” -CNN Money News.  With that kind of activity online it makes good business sense to utilize any and all forms of social media possible to grow your business online.

Join Eden Rudin and hear what she has to say about effectively using group shares on Facebook and LinkedIn to your small business advantage.  Plus you will hear some of Eden’s tried-and-true tips and ‘gems’ …methods for maximizing your use of social media. “Giving small business the ideas to grow BIG.”

–     How being social in a Facebook group is different than interacting on a Page.

–     How to network correctly in a Facebook or LinkedIn Group.

–     What can you gain from your efforts?

 Links and further resources we spoke about in the podcast today

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Now, I’d like to introduce you to our special guest – Eden Rudin

Eden Rudin’s expertise and passion is working with local small business communities presenting social media as an important advertising tool on a global business platform.  Eden trains and strategizes with her clients on how to maximize their use of social media in order to maintain and expand their customer base through promoting the purchase of their products and services online.  Eden has been successful in serving small business communities since 2008.

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How about you? Have you experienced or discovered aspects of social media that have assisted your business in any way?  Have you established groups on Facebook and LinkedIn that have improved your business significantly?  Leave your comment in the box below, and remember to share and Like the show with your colleagues.



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