[Ep #204] The secret to mastering any skill

My guest today is Meiyoko Taylor.

He’s been on the show before – Episode 188 where he spoke about How to Find our Amazing.

Just to recap – Meiyoko is an Author, Entrepreneur, and Personal Development Coach. He helps people find their AMAZING by showing them how to take charge, discover their passion and creating the life they truly desire.

Since sharing his insights with us on the last show, his new book has come out:

Find your Amazing: 5 Steps to Transforming Your Life and I invited him to come back on the show to share some insights from his latest book, including:

  • The secret to mastering any skill
  • How to rid your bad habits for good
  • How to destroy limiting beliefs that keep you from success.


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Enjoy the show!

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Contact Meiyoko

  • Skype: mynd.works


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