[Ep #64] How to Recognize and Own Your Expertise

As a leader, whether it be in your own business or in a corporate environment, do you truly value your worth and expertise?

Or, do you tend to second-guess yourself and therefore search endlessly for more information and evidence to shore up your beliefs?

Be honest – I’m sure we can all relate to that.

Joining me today on the show is Dana Rubin.

On today's on the show Dana will share:

  • How to recognise and “own” your expertise;
  • Nourish your confidence;
  • How to be strategic.


Resources & Links Shared:

Showcase and spotlight your talent, your brilliant women and men. The world’s got a lot of problems – we need their expertise and ideas. – Dana Rubin

About Dana Rubin: 

Dana's work is focused on helping organizations and individuals showcase their expertise. Companies and organizations have human talent that can be profoundly powerful – internally and externally. Every time a leader steps up to the dais, authors an op-ed, or an article, leads a Town Hall meeting, that person sends a signal about their organization’s brand, assets, and values.

Dana's background is in corporate speech writing, but most of her work today involves training, one-on-one support, and public speaking that helps individuals and companies stand out in the marketplace of ideas.

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