Episode #71: Profitable marketing strategies for women entrepreneurs with Pam Brossman

Getting your message out there and becoming known as a specialist in your field – both nationally and internationally  is something that many women entrepreneurs dream about – but unfortunately continue to struggle with.

Perhaps you do too?  You’ve got a busy schedule to juggle and with limited time and rsources, so which is the best strategy to use in order to get you the most impact? Or maybe you’ve been trying lots of different marketing and promotional strategies, yet without much success.

You’re in for a treat because on today’s show – Pam Brossman, CEO of SheExperts.com has done all of the hard work for you. Pam has researched some of the best strategies that will help you market your business so you can create a profitable global brand, quickly.

Pam has been able to grow her profitable brand globally, and so can you by following the strategies she shares, including:

  • The #1 digital marketing strategy being used by multimillionaires to drive highly targeted leads into your business.
  • The fastest growing digital marketing tool that will allow you to market and sell 24/7. Your clients will just love this tool!
  • The top 2 digital leverage mentoring platforms that millionaires use to take their business from 6 figures to 7 figures – FAST!
  • and much more!



About Pam BrossmanPam Brossman

After 25 years in the corporate world and the birth of her son Hunter, Pam decided she needed a career change and launched herself into the world of online marketing. Fast forward five years on and she is now the CEO of SheExperts.com where she teaches women entrepreneurs how to monetize their expertise using the power of digital marketing and digital leverage to create a profitable global brand very, very quickly.

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What about you? Do you struggle with your marketing? Have you thought about (or used) any of the strategies that Pam has suggested? What action steps will you take from today’s show to implement in your business? Leave your comment in the box below, and remember to share and Like the show with your colleagues. As always, we appreciate it!




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