[Ep #12] Why Planning AND Ruthless Execution is Critical for Business Success

Welcome to SMART Connect Podcast episode 12, featuring business experts and industry thought leaders to help YOU effectively navigate a constantly changing and disruptive market place. I’m your host Annemarie Cross.

My guest today supports Henry Ford’s line of “Vision without execution is just hallucination.”

Are you taking ruthless execution in your business – or are you waiting for everything to be perfect.

Joining me on today’s show is Stewart Clark and Stewart says: Don’t wait for perfection – 80% will normally do.

On today's show, Stewart is going to speak about:

  • Why considered planning, ruthless execution and then measure, monitor and manage for sustained improvement is key
  • The business environment is ever changing and if you’re not changing with it, then you’ll be left behind
  • The 4 critical elements in business you should be focusing on [planning, margins, marketing and sales].

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Resources & Links Shared:

  • http://www.scsperformance.com.au

Measure, monitor and manage for sustained performance and improvement. – Stewart Clark

About Stewart Clark

Stewart Clark is the Director of SCS Performance, specialising in the area of business performance improvement – growing bottom line profit and developing enterprise value. Following a long career (~27 years) in the finance sector, Stewart now enjoys working with the small to medium business sector to challenge thought, analyse results, and implement a greater level of discipline in business – all aligned to delivering improved performance and value. Stewart is also a published Author, a certified Business Broker and experienced speaker/facilitator.

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