[Episode #101]: Online Business & Marketing for Your 6-figure Coaching Practice with Bianca Forbes

Do you find marketing your business difficult? Unsure how you can build a strong online brand that gets noticed by your ideal client? Well, you’re certainly not alone.

Unfortunately, the cost of neglecting to market your small business is high – in fact according to an article by Small Business UK – the cost is around £122 Billion.

On today’s show, Bianca Forbes – Online Business and Marketing Coach for 6 figure Coaches is going to talk about:

  • The 5-step business and marketing system you need to create high impact and build your business online
  • 3 simple branding techniques to start doing business on your own terms
  • 6 bases you must cover to attract your ideal clients, easily
  • And much more

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More about Bianca Forbes

Bianca is an Online Business and Marketing Coach for 6 figure Coaches who want to increase their online brand, visibility, marketing and profit. Bianca creates simple yet effective done-for-you systems so that they work less, earn more doing what they love, and can lie the lifestyle they desire.

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