[Ep#295] Never give up and walk in your faith

Never give up and walk in your faith

My guest today says, “When one door closes, find another door, go around the back or create another one.  No one can take what God has for YOU.”

Joining me today is Kearn Cherry.

Kearn co-owns PRN Home Care with her husband, Dennis.  She has vested over 30 years in the healthcare field and holds a degree in Occupational Therapy.  She is co-founder and director of Success Women's Conference and host/executive producer of “Unwrinkled Heart Caregivers' Journeys.

On today’s show Kearn is going to share:

  1. You must increase your networking to increase your “Net” worth. Building your networking can lead to great relationships.
  2. Never give up and walk in your faith.
  3. As a routine, it is good to pray before starting your day





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