Episode #70: Marketing Simplicity: How to go from uncertainty and overwhelm to clarity and action

Running a successful small business can be overwhelming for any ambitious entrepreneur. Especially when it comes to marketing.

In fact, many small businesses tend to struggle when it comes to marketing their businesses.

If you find marketing confusing and overwhelming then you’re in for a treat with today’s show.

Angela Raspass, Founder and CEO of Ideas into Action, joins me today and Angela started her company from the dining room table as a solo marketing consultant.

Fast-forward to today and she now has hundreds of happy clients as well as a team behind her working from her corporate office in Chatswood helping small business owners out of overwhelm so they can enjoy the rich results that client engagement marketing delivers.

Angela shares:

  • The difference between engagement marketing and classic marketing and why client engagement is so important
  • 3 key concepts to ensure you, your brand and service engages with ideal clients
  • How to move from transactions with customers to relationships with clients for long term growth
  • and much more!




About Angela Raspass
Angela Raspass

After a corporate career Angela launched Ideas into Action at her dining room table as a solo marketing consultant in 2005. Today and hundreds of happy clients later, she now leads a small team from a Chatswood office. Angela aims to demystify marketing and take small business owners out of overwhelm so they can enjoy the rich results that Client Engagement Marketing delivers.

Angela is a mum of two, a Smith’s potato chip addict, and an avid reader…

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What about you? Do you find marketing overwhelming? What action steps will you take from today’s show to implement in your business? Leave your comment in the box below, and remember to share and Like the show with your colleagues. As always, we appreciate it!




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