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Episode #72: Job security is dead: time to adopt an entrepreneurial thinking approach to your career with Karen Southall Watts

Job Security is dead: time to adopt an entrepreneurial thinking approach

In today’s career landscape the ‘job security’ that many of our older generations enjoyed is no longer a reality. In fact according to Brazen Careerist – job security is dead which is why our guest today, Karen Southall Watts believes it’s important to take on board an approach of ‘entrepreneurial thinking' to all aspects of your career.

Karen is a trainer, coach and professional encourager for entrepreneurs and managers as well as an author of various business books. Today she shares:

  • The importance and benefit of entrepreneurial thinking in all aspects of our  careers
  • How to jump start and get past a stalled moment in our businesses
  • and much more!

Links and further resources we spoke about in the podcast today:

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Now, let me introduce you to our special guest – Karen Southall Watts

Karen Southall Watts is a trainer, coach and professional encourager for entrepreneurs and managers. Her business and educational articles have been featured in, multiple independent business blogs and Karen specializes in complex business topics boiled down into everyday language and practical, actionable steps. Karen also teaches business at the community college level in Washington State.

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