[Ep#296] How to Start Your Business on a Low (or No) Budget

How to Start Your Business on a Low (or No) Budget

Today’s guest says “It's critical that business owners plan, strategise and schedule for the busiest time of the year.”

Joining me today is Fideliz Cruz.

Fideliz is the go-to Life Coach for the faith-filled entrepreneur, she helps women discover their gifts and talents and pursue their God-given calling. It is her passion to see women rise up in leadership in all aspects of their lives and building a life that they love and one that honours God.

Fideliz is the founder of Kingdom Women Entrepreneur community, which aims to bring Christian business owners together through faith and action. She coaches women from all over the world and is the winner of the 2018-2019 BYCA International Coach of The Year Award.

On today’s show Fideliz is going to share:

  • “4 tips on how to start your dream business with very low or no budget!
  • When she first launched her business in 2014, she had a 4-year-old and only one real full income coming in, and because of this she learned to be really creative and find ways on how she can start her business.
  • So, on today’s show she wants to share her tips and her story to help someone just start that dream business that they have been meaning to.



ABOUT Fideliz:

Fideliz is passionate about making women feel their best, by helping them bring out their uniqueness and authenticity through Life Coaching. It is her vision to see women rise up in leadership in any aspect of their lives, using their gifts and talents to build a life that they love. The Go to Life Coach for the Faith filled Entrepreneur.

Fideliz is a finalist for the the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy Awards for “International Coach of the Year”  and her book Kingdom Affirmations and card deck have is also a finalist for “Product of the year award.”

Fideliz is the founder of Kingdom Women Entrepreneur. A sisterhood community for faith filled entrepreneurs created for equipping and support in the areas of business as well as faith walk. Fideliz also runs her Vision Casting Workshops, which aims to help women create their Personal Life Vision and kick-start their journey towards their dreams.

Contact  Fideliz:

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