How to Get Media Exposure for Your Business With Monica Davis

How to get Media Exposure for your business with Monica Davis.

Welcome to the show – I’m your Host Annemarie Cross.

Are you struggling to get media exposure and think it’s impossible for your business? Want a clear step-by-step blueprint and action plan on what you need to do, to cut through the noise and finally get media coverage for your business?

You are in the right place.

This is episode 1 of a special 3-part series which we’ll be featuring our PR & Media Expert – Monica Davis, where she'll be sharing how to get media exposure for our business.

In Episode 2, Monica is going to show us HOW we can present ourselves better in any situation involving the media.

And, then in Episode 3 she will be sharing how we can leverage media publicity to further build our credibility as an expert in our field.

In this episode, Monica shares how to get media exposure for our business, including:

  • Common mistakes businesses make and why they’re not getting any media exposure.
  • How to pitch your idea to the press to get you noticed.
  • How to design an effective PR program that can generate year-round media exposure for your business.


About Monica Davis

Monica Davies is a Forbes Contributor and a best-selling author.

She is herself an authority in her industry, and has amassed almost two decades of media experience, so we’re extremely fortunate to have her share her expertise in this special series.

Monica is a magazine publisher, an award-winning television producer, and a host with a clear understanding of how shows are developed, what show hosts and reporters look for in their guests, as well as what makes an interesting show.

She has also been a guest on talk and news shows so her expertise spans both sides of the media; one side as a producer, host and publisher and the other side as a source and subject matter expert.

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