Episode #88: How to achieve exponential business growth for Women Entrepreneurs with Michelle Brown-Dawson

Do you find it difficult to standout from the crowd – especially as so many other entrepreneurs are doing the same thing and offering the same products and services as you?

No matter how hard you try, do you find it difficult to remain focused on your business, so you feel like you’ve reached a plateau and just don’t know how to take your business to the next level?

My guest today is Michelle Brown-Dawson – an Organizational Consultant who specializes in showing her clients key business growth strategies so they can achieve exponential business growth.

On the show, Michelle will share:

  • 3 things that sabotage your ability to get focused and achieve the phenomenal results you should be experiencing in your life and business
  • 5 must-do strategies that will immediately put you on the path of exponential growth in your business within the next 30 days
  • How to leverage your time and boost your profitability, and
  • Much more!

Links and further resources we spoke about in the podcast today:

Enjoy the show!

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Now, let me introduce you to our special guest – Michelle Brown-Dawson

Michelle Brown-Dawson is President of Catalyst Enterprises International. As an Organizational Consultant, Michelle facilitates business growth strategies for organizations in the United States, Europe, and Africa.

Catalyst Success Institute, the entrepreneurial development division of Catalyst Enterprises, helps women entrepreneurs breakthrough and master the move from inspiration to implementation results in increased income while staying true to their vision and values.

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