ATE: How Mindfulness Techniques can help you manage and reduce stress and improve your productivity with Dr Lise Saugeres

How Mindfulness techniques can help you manage and reduce stress and improve your productivity.

Joining me on today’s show is Dr Lise Saugeres.

Dr Lise Saugeres has a PhD in the Social Sciences from the UK and spoke at many national and international conferences in the area of health and well-being as an academic.  She is now the founder and Director of Experiential Mindfulness Melbourne, delivering individual mindfulness coaching and group training.Dr Lise Saugeres

As mindfulness has made a significant difference to Lise’s life, she is very passionate in helping other people improve their lives through mindfulness practice.

On todays on the show Dr Lise is going to share:

  • One strategy you MUST use if you want to engage staff – even in the midst of significant change in the workplace;
  • How by the way that you look at the world – you'll experience it differently and have different outcomes;
  • Why embracing fear can help you feel more empowered to create the life you want.

Listen Now:

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