How to Find a Professional MC for Your Event

How to Find a Professional MC for Your Event

The success of any event often lies on the shoulders of the Master of Ceremony as they are responsible for not only setting the tone and energy of the event, but also maintaining that energy and interest of the audience – right through to the close.

That certainly is a HUGE responsibility – however my guest today does that AND more with poise, with ease and with grace.

Joining me today is Martin Farrugia – who specialises in MC-ing events. And of the many reasons he’s so skilled in this area he says is he can think on his feet, interact well with an audience AND can be called upon to MC an event at a moments notice.

The Business Marketplace have their Grand Bazaar coming up on June 7th, which Martin will be MC'ing.

On today's on the show Martin is going to share:

  • How to Find a Professional MC for your next event;
  • Qualities, Strengths and Characteristics to look for in an MC;
  • What an MC must do in order to make the event enjoyable and memorable for guests, and more.

Listen Now:

See Martin in action:

See Martin in action and get to network with hundreds of other business owners at the upcoming Business Marketplace's Grand Bizarre. BANC


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