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[Episode #99] How to build a successful relationship with your customers with Monica Davis

As an ambitious entrepreneur you know the importance of building successful relationships with your customers, as this is crucial to the growth and sustainability of your business.

Without customers – your business wouldn’t survive.

My guest today is Monica Davis – a leading executive, inspirational business author and publisher of the premier self-improvement and personal development magazine – Exceptional People Magazine, and Monica knows exactly what systems, strategies and attitudes you need to have in place to create solid client relationships. On today’s show Monica will speak about:

  • How to build a successful relationship with your customers
  • Surefire tips to get your customers to rave about your customer service
  • How to go beyond customer satisfaction and establish customer loyalty
  • And much more.

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  • (03) 9708 6930 – Within Australia
  • (520) 777 9610 – Within the US
  • Website: Send a Voice Message button (to the right)

Further resources you can access:

Today’s Inspirational Tip – it’s a Tweetable!

Loyal customers don’t just come back & don’t simply recommend you. They insist their friends do business with you. Chip Bell @AnnemarieCoach Tweet This

Enjoy the show!

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More about Monica Davis

Ms Davis is a leading media executive and inspirational business author. She is also the publisher of the premier self-improvement and personal development magazine – Exceptional People Magazine, which provides business solutions, personal and professional empowerment strategies for readers around the world.

Contact Monica Monica-Davis-Master-Mind_Group



What did you think about the message Monicashared today?What action step will you take after hearing today’s tips and strategies to enable you to build a successful relationship with your customers? Go ahead and share.We’d love to hear from you!

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