[Episode #103]: Ambitious Solopreneur: Lauren Tharp, Freelance Writer Turned Mentor

There has been an immense rise in freelancers and solopreneurs over the past few years. And most of those freelancers are Millennials with approximately 37% of freelancers being 18-25 and 40% being 26-35.

Not to mention 71% of all freelancers/solopreneurs are women!

Today’s guest, Lauren Tharp, fits into all three of those categories: She’s a Millennial, a woman, and a freelancer.

Working as a freelance writer, Lauren helps small businesses bring their brands to life through the use of blogging, articles, and other written content. She’s also dedicated to helping fellow writers get started as freelancers.

Over the past 3 years, Lauren has helped aspiring writers live the life they’ve always dreamed of through free e-books, blog posts, and bi-monthly newsletters. Today, she’s unveiling her newest service: One-on-one mentoring.

On today’s show, Lauren Tharp is going to share:

  • Why being a “freelancer” and being a “solopreneur” are essentially the same thing—and why this lifestyle is amazingly fulfilling.
  • Why writers & bloggers no longer have to go it alone when they decide to take the plunge and “go freelance.”
  • The most important element to any freelance business.

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Enjoy the show!

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More about Lauren Tharp

Lauren is a freelance writer who helps small businesses & entrepreneurs bring their brands to life through the use of blogging, articles, and other written content.

She also helps fellow writers get started as freelancers through weekly blog articles, bi-monthly newsletters, free e-books, and one-on-one mentoring.

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