[Ep#60] How to Build a Successful Business: Start with what Matters

How to Build a Successful Business

Welcome to Episode 60 of Women In Leadership PodcastIn this episode Therése and I talk about How to Build a Successful Business: Start with what Matters. She truly believes that in order to design the company and culture of your dreams, as a business owner, you must put people first. Successful companies are built upon successful and empowered individuals.

Therése will share:

  • How to Build a Successful Business
  • Start with what matters – The pursuit of purpose.
  • Make others successful – Be a Positive Giver.
  • Dealing with fears head-on – Making a habit of challenging fears.


Resources & Links Shared:

Passion is contagious: show your true colors. – Therése Gedda


Joining me today is Therése Gedda.

Therése is the Founder and CEO of 30minMBA.

Besides running the award-winning startup, she is a seasoned international keynote speaker on topics including the entrepreneurial mindset, business culture and entrepreneurship.

For over 15 years, she has inspired tens of thousands of people all over the world.




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