[Ep#406] A Journey of Faith, Resilience, Learning, and Purpose

A Journey of Faith, Resilience, Learning, and Purpose

In this poignant conversation, I’m thrilled to welcome Adam Hempler, a dynamic entrepreneur who opened a Snooze Mattress franchise in Bloomington, Minnesota, against all odds. Adam's story is a testament to the power of faith, as he shares the incredible challenges he faced – from financial struggles and a cancer diagnosis to the physical toll of working long hours – all while experiencing the demands of opening and growing his business.

If you've ever faced seemingly insurmountable barriers in your entrepreneurial journey, you'll find solace and strength in Adam's story.

prepare your hearts and minds for an enlightening episode that not only nurtures your entrepreneurial spirit but also fortifies your faith walk.

🌟 Here are 3 key takeaways from our latest episode:

  1. Faith as a Business Compass: Learn how Adam's belief in divine appointments guided him to find the right mentors and forge a successful path in his entrepreneurial journey.
  2. Resilience During Trials: Adam's story is a testament to pushing forward despite life's hurdles, including a cancer diagnosis, and how sheer determination and faith can lead to triumph.
  3. The Value of Humble Tasks: Get insights on the significance of daily routines, workplace humility, and the grounding effect of ‘doing the simple work,' as part of long-term business growth and personal development.




Jump straight to these golden nuggets:

03:58 Vegas trip, sis in Vegas, lymphoma diagnosis.

09:24 Adversity shapes character, fostering resilience and growth.

11:32 Perspective, faith, and focus bring elevation.

14:42 Reflect on ego, surround yourself with experts.

19:10 Embracing love, faith, and purpose in life.

22:18 Prioritize simplicity, including quiet time with God.

25:29 Growing God's kingdom through business and character.

27:01 Jesus as a leader and authenticity.

32:06 Importance of good mattress for quality sleep.

33:24 Prayer for Adam's journey and business success.



Topic: The Role of Faith in Business

  • How faith played a role in Adam finding his mentor and making key business decisions.
  • Adam’s belief in divine orchestration in meeting the right experts and mentors.
  • The discussion between Annemarie and Adam about challenges as faith-building opportunities.
  • Adam's testimony about faith getting him through tough times.

Topic: Importance of Mentors and Expertise

  • Adam’s experience finding a mentor at Snooze Mattress Company.
  • Reflections on the importance of recognizing personal knowledge gaps with age.
  • The emphasis on surrounding oneself with a knowledgeable team for business growth.

Topic: Business Strategies and Daily Operations

  • Adam's strategy of using checklists for keeping track of daily tasks.
  • The connection between consistent daily routines and business success.
  • The positive impact of executing daily tasks on sales and overall growth.
  • The concept of doing the work, such as mopping, and its value over solely marketing efforts.

Topic: Humility in Leadership and Business

  • How humility and valuing every component of the business contribute to success.
  • The importance of character and appreciating the entire entrepreneurial journey.
  • The significance of humility as exemplified by Jesus' ministry and leadership.
  • The impact of leaders doing the work themselves on team trust and authenticity.


Highlighted Quotes: 

The Inspiration Behind Starting a Business: “I never knew things were gonna be where they're at right now, with all the hurdles and all the struggles that I had to go through through this whole process. Like, going back, when I first found out that Snooze Mattress was franchising, I was like, that was the thing where I just saw it, and I knew that's that's what I needed to do.”

— Adam Hempler 00:02:0200:02:21

The Art of Building Business from Scratch: “So they send Grant out to a city he's never been to. They give him a $100 a vehicle and a cell phone, and he has to build a $1,000,000 business in 90 days.”

— Adam Hempler 00:02:4700:02:56

Entrepreneurial Drive Despite Financial Challenges: “I don't have a dollar to my name, and I'm about to get married in a couple months when I saw this thing. So I'm busy trying to pay for this this wedding, and, you know, I don't have many money to start up the business.”

— Adam Hempler 00:03:3500:03:50

Unexpected Diagnosis: “Really, it was just like a trip to Vegas… I go into the doctor, and then she's like, you know, this is maybe not the news you wanna hear, but, that's swollen up a lot more than what you would have if it was an infection. And she had a good guess that it was probably lymphoma.”

— Adam Hempler 00:04:2200:04:37

Betting on Yourself: “Sometimes that's just what it takes is you just gotta go all in. You just gotta bet on yourself and then just have the faith to know that, like, things are gonna work out.”

— Adam Hempler 00:07:1900:07:27

Resilience in Entrepreneurship: “Had I not gone through all that struggle, I don't know that I would have been able to deal with all the hurdles that come with opening a business and dealing with actually, once you do get the doors open, all the struggles that you have to go through, once the doors are open, like, that's not the end of the road.”

— Adam Hempler 00:08:4400:08:59

The Power of Daily Routines: “I have this checklist, this morning checklist that I have to do to get the store ready. Right? And I'll tell you what, every time I follow that checklist to a t, right, and I do all the work that I'm supposed to do in a day, I get rewarded.”

— Adam Hempler 00:20:1800:20:32

The Importance of Consistency: “It's a level of patience and just learning that discipline and the consistency. All of those things have developed so much more in me just pushing through.”

— Adam Hempler 00:23:5600:24:07

Innovative Sleep Technology: “So one of the things we do is we use some technology to help us help you find the best mattress for you. So we have our dream mapping technology. It's got 1600 sensors in it. It maps out your pressure points when you lay down, and then it uses the algorithm to actually to really identify what are they gonna be the best mattresses for you.”

— Adam Hempler 00:30:1900:30:38

The Lifespan of a Mattress: “most of the mattresses these days are not gonna wear out in 8 years. What's gonna happen every 8 to 10 years is you're gonna change, your body's gonna change, and your needs are gonna change as far as what your mattress is, or your whole sleep system, whether it's mattress, adjustable base, sheets, pillows, mattress protector, all that stuff works together, as a whole system too to get you a decent sleep.”

— Adam Hempler 00:31:4100:32:05

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