[Ep#246] The growing pathway from podcasts to audiobooks; and vice versa

It’s not about hearing what you want to hear: it’s about being heard

My guest today says, “There is a growing pathway from podcasts to audiobooks and the other way round.”

Joining me today is Dave Stokes.

Dave is Melbourne based audiobook producer and a proud father of two.  He has played in and recorded with bands for over 30 years and comes from a software development background. Dave has a passion for all things audio.

On today’s show Dave is going to share:

  • Understanding that international exposure is easy for Australian audiobook authors
  • A home or office, coached recording makes for a relaxed, quality narration result
  • 30 day time to market and a one day recording is your investment to extend your brand


About Dave: 

Melbourne based audiobook producer. Proud father of two. Publicist’s boyfriend. Played in and recorded bands over 30 years. Software development background. Passion for all things audio.

Contact Dave:


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