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[Ep #98] Tap into the new $28T female economy before it’s too late

Tap into the new $28T female economy before it’s too late

My guest today says, “Global studies constantly prove that women are an innovation and financial gold rush. So, what are we going to do about it?”

Joining me today is Bec Brideson.

Award-winning advertising leader and gender intelligence expert Bec Brideson wants to teach business how to better serve female consumers. Bec opened Australia's first female-focused ad agency Venus Comms in 2004 and expanded with the Bec Brideson – Gender Intelligence consultancy in 2015.

High in demand, Bec Brideson consults with businesses across every category and continues to speak globally on embedding a female lens to increase profit, drive inclusive cultures and evolve business practice.

Last year, she debuted her better business book Blind Spots in which she shares her disruptive methodology on how we can and should tap into the new $28T female economy before it’s too late.

On today’s show Bec is going to share:

  • Meaningless to Meaningful Work
  • Resilience and the Relentless Pursuit
  • Female-lensed Innovation

Listen Now:

About Bec: 

Shar Moore, Multi-International Award-Winning Mentor, Author, International Keynote Speaker and Founder of YMag®.

There is something powerful about Shar Moore, known as the ‘YWoman.

Her ability to help people move from a place of purposelessness, to honing in on their Y, helping them step into their spotlight and true genius.  An accomplished businesswoman, with an extensive background in executive positions in the Far & Middle East, an entrepreneur for more than 14 years, Shar has been the creative force behind a number of successful ventures. One of those being, a leading personal development magazine on Australian newsstands called YMag®.

Contact Shar:

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